Remembering twelve years ago today


The following morning, USS George Washington CVN 73 in New York’s harbor 12 Sept 2011

On my drive in to school today I saw flags were put out in front of homes and businesses. Those that had flag poles, lowered their flags to half mass. It is a solemn reminder of what happened on this date not so very long ago; twelve years to be exact. This country was shredded and in tears, but came together. Many became patriotic, heroes were made, loved ones were lost. But we all stood up to help one another in a desperate time of need.

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I think we all will. I was on the USS George Washington CVN 73. I could not believe what I was seeing on the TV’s that were playing throughout the ship. It was like a horror movie on every station, showing those two planes crashing into the twin towers. They kept playing it on repeat, as it they too could not believe what they were seeing.

Later that night my ship made its way to New York’s harbor, where it sat for three weeks, guarding the coastline.

I made a video for youtube of the one year ceremony we had on my ship.

13 thoughts on “Remembering twelve years ago today

  1. bluejays93

    Ya I remember vividly all of that. Couldn’t sleep for a week. Every year that one day feels so strange like its brand new. Our kids are lucky they don’t have to deal with these memories. I always play Alan Jackson wherewere you when the world stopped turning as a memorial and tribute to that day. Don’t know what you’re morning is like today but my girl is going through her motions while waiting for the bus.

    1. JennNAdams Post author

      Every year does feel different on that day. I should’ve skipped going to class…one teacher had us watch a video of the events that happened that day and the people that survived it or experienced it. Was horrifying all over again.

      What age was your daughter when she finally stopped wearing diapers? My girl gets to where she’ll use the potty and then she has nothing to do with it. And now she’s resilient in having her diaper changed, especially when she first gets up.

      1. bluejays93

        Wow that must’ve been a emotional thing to go through. I can’t watch the footage from that day at all. Scares me too much.

        We’re still dealing with the diapers. That’s been a tough nut to crack. Just like your daughter she’ll use it then wants nothing to do with it. She’s not even aware it most of the time. Still does nighttime but that may take longer for her. Had a few mishaps at school this week.

      2. JennNAdams Post author

        She’s the same at school too, will use the potty then not want anything to do with it. It’s still a work in progress and I have been trying to get her potty trained since she was one.

      3. bluejays93

        At school they ask if she wants. If she doesnt they back off and let her choose when. Most of what she does it that way otherwise she gets really upset about it. When shes completely confident to cross that bridge I figure she’ll let me know. People who don’t understand complain I say this is the way she is. May not be normal but it’s her.

      4. JennNAdams Post author

        So true! I think my girl is just too pressure in using the potty. I just ask her if she wants to use it. I think at school they have to line up to take turns using the potty. I’m not sure what all they do, but I’m feeling it’s pressure in using the potty. That’s good that her schools asks. I was happy when one of her teachers asked me how to do what when my girl has these meltdowns or when she starts hitting herself. There are so many child caretakers that don’t bother with children with special needs, they just ignore them. I’m happy that there are those still out there that care enough to help these children out.

      5. bluejays93

        Ya that’s what I’m doing is helping out at a school with a special needs child. My girl came home yesterday and learned through school that she had another accident. I’m pretty all the changes around her is taking a toll on her so shes slipping quite a bit. Wal-Mart up here has a big sale on diapers. Thank goodness.

      6. bluejays93

        Ya just when you start figuring it out something unravels just like the potty thing. Comes home today and found another accident happened. I’m so stressed I give up on the potty for now lol

      7. JennNAdams Post author

        I give up on the potty for now as well..but will try it again later. She’s been giving me problems every morning now. I can never get out the door in mater how early she goes to bed, or how early I get her up, I’m still late for class. She’ll just start her meltdowns when I’m trying to get out the door.

      8. JennNAdams Post author

        She hasn’t gotten up in the middle of the night now in a a months or so that I’m aware of. She used to almost every night for a few years. She does get up early, early in the morning almost every day…like at 3AM or 4AM. We don’t use a communication book no.

      9. bluejays93

        Well whoever your working with ask them to help you make up a visual because that will help you out a great deal. Part of her meltdowns is a lack of understanding of whats happening. She may not communicate but thats what going on. For majority of kids a verbal is not enough. I used to use verbal only too until someone taught me how to use the visuals. Makes a big difference. Friend me on fb and I can talk you through more of it through chat if you want. Up to you if you want.

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