Souda Bay, Crete

Crete is an island south of Greece. It is actually a part of Greece as they have the same language, writing, and the same flag.

I remember Crete for the obvious reasons that they didn’t want us, the military, visiting their country. Some friends and I was watching the locals play basketball when a small riot broke out. They carried a large banner that read ‘Go home’! They were also shouting we don’t like the American Army here. Some of my shipmates shouted back that we weren’t the Army, we were Navy.

It wasn’t too long before the police arrived in a large group and escorted us safely back to our ship. Later that evening a couple of the bus drivers began to threaten us. It was clear they did not want us there. We pulled out and continued on our way.

But, we came back. Sad to say, they were still resilient about us being there as a few of our officers were beaten up. This had put a stop to our leaving the ship for liberty. The following day we were only allowed to hang out on the pier. Well, what can you do for 5000 sailors with nothing to do? Order food and beer and have it brought to you! Not bad really!

The next day we were allowed back out in town, but we had what is called ‘Cinderella Liberty’. All of us had to be back on the ship or on the pier before 1800 hours (6PM). Cinderella Liberty remained until the day we left.



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