First Time Going To The Movies

Yesterday my best friend and I took my three and a half year old daughter to see the new release of Disney Planes. This was her first time going to the movies. At first she was doing great and was enjoying the film. She shouted out loud, “Planes!!” “Zoom!” Wow! Check it out!” “Look, airplanes!” After the first twenty minutes of sitting still she started to get antsy and tossed her bag of crackers over the row of seats in front of us. The guy sitting in one of the seats in front of us picked up the bag, handing it to me. I apologized, then put the bag out of her reach.

Fifteen minutes later she gets up out of her seat and wants to squat down on the floor. I picked her up and put her back in her seat, whispering to her to be still and watch the airplanes. I pointed to certain things on the screen, asking her to tell me what they were. This went on for five minutes. She was still again for about another five minutes, then asked me for a drink. Then asked me for her crackers. Ten minutes later she threw the bag of crackers again, except this time she hit the lady who is now sitting in her chair in front of my daughter. I quickly grabbed the bag of crackers and again apologized. I again told my daughter that it was not polite to throw things and put the crackers away, never to be seen for the rest of the movie. The couple finally moved many rows down…far out of my daughter’s throwing distance.

She sat still for about another five minutes, then decided to stand up on her knees to look at the people behind us. I had to help her sit back down and again started asking her what each thing was on the big screen.

To me it seemed that she was enjoying the movie when she was sitting still and watching it, but she also didn’t like the fact that I wanted her to sit still. At what age did you first take your kiddos to the movies?

9 thoughts on “First Time Going To The Movies

  1. Lucie

    Over here in the UK we have Autism Friendly screenings. My 7yr old son is Autistic and finds it hard to sit still unless he is engrossed with something. He was 6 when I first took him to the Cinema. It allows the children to get up and walk about if they feel the need, the volume of the film is lower and the lights are not switched off. Check out my blog post about it.


    1. JennNAdams Post author

      I would like to find Autism friendly cinemas here. I will have to do some searching. Thank you for the comment. I’ll check out your blog. 🙂

  2. momtimes4

    I am thinking about taking my 3 older ones to that movie tomorrow. My kids didn’t go to the movies until they were about 6, but I know a lot of people whose kids go much earlier than that.

    1. JennNAdams Post author

      There were a lot of younger kids in the audience…I could tell just by hearing the cries of babies and young children. It was a good movie, I think you’ll kids will enjoy it. 🙂

  3. littlemisswordy

    My daughter was a year old, but my son was around 3. We always went with the understanding that if we felt they weren’t handling the whole experience well, then we would cut our losses and leave. We actually did once or twice. It’s not so much about age, but personality and whether that particular movie holds their attention. Haven’t we all gotten antsy through a movie we aren’t really into? 😉

    1. JennNAdams Post author

      So true. I think I was testing the waters a bit here though lol. I know she loves planes, the main reason I wanted to take her. Thinking of waiting a few more years before I try taking her again.


    my neice’s first movie was alvin and the chipmunks. my first movie with her was the smurfs! of course she never lasted the whole movie!


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