Always Have Time For Silliness

Since my daughter was born my inner child has come out more often than it should. Being a single parent and raising a child on my own, it pays to act silly now and then. Okay, I don’t act silly now and then, it’s more or less an every day thing. I do it to make my little girl laugh. The sound of her laughter, the presence of her smile helps me to relieve stress. Isn’t there a saying that laughter is the best medicine?

ImageNot to mention I think my acting silly pays off. Sometimes I would run into the room when I hear her favorite cartoon’s theme song playing and sing and dance too it. She would sit on the couch smiling at me. I know I look goofy doing it, but I’ve recently caught her doing the same thing.

ImageYesterday I was working on a few important things that involves my college and getting my tuition paid, that I didn’t want to be interrupted. The look on my daughter’s face could break a thousand hearts when I told her I was a little busy and would play with her in a few minutes. Finally after getting nowhere with the other party on the phone or a response through the email, I decided my daughter was more important and I could deal with this matter later.


5 thoughts on “Always Have Time For Silliness

  1. bluejays93

    love the glasses and the goofiness. ya the single parent thing isnt always but the kids always know how to bring out the best in us. had that situation of being too busy and trying to get her to do something else. Youre right to say it can wait till later. i tend to do it when she goes to bed. I got your book today in the mail and i love it. did you do the drawings yourself? their great. showed to my girl and she loves it too.

    1. JennNAdams Post author

      Glad you received your book and that you lil miss loves it! No, I didn’t do the illustrations unfortunately, the publisher had someone do them for me.
      I try to hold off until bedtime to do most of the things I need to do, but sometimes I have to get things done during the daytime…like make phone calls. I tend to apologize to the part on the other line if I start talking about cartoons or the like, that I’m talking to my three year old and not them lol!

      1. bluejays93

        Ya I hear you on the phone calls. I’m also constantly apologizing to people also. Love how people are like oh that’s ok I understand. Has become very interested in who I talk to. Always asking who is it?

  2. Maxim Sense

    Now I do what you’re doing with my 9-month and 13-month old grand-children. And I, surely, look more goofy than you are, LOL. Yes, the child in us is what makes us perfect companion for the toddlers.


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