Free Ice Cream For The City of Bryant

What’s better than hearing the words ‘free ice cream’? Eating it! Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer promised free ice cream if the city of Bryant can go a full 24 hours without one vehicle accident. Who doesn’t like free ice cream?


With Bryant’s population soaring over seventeen thousand you would think that it would be a difficult task. It just so happens that a few days ago the department recorded no accidents for a full 24 hours. And as a man of his word Chief Kizer kept his promise. Chief Kizer and  some of Bryant’s finest officers were at the Sonic in Bryant where the residents received their free ice cream. Even Bryant’s mayor Jill Dabbs was there, along with KATV channel 7.


Chief Kizer keeps everyone posted daily with how many arrests were made, which house has been burglarized, store thefts, how many accidents have occurred, and many other criminal occurrences. He even posts non criminal events such as the Bryant Police Department fishing with the Boys and Girls Club. He continues to have giveaways, one which included free ice cream.

Chief Kizer is already planning on the next contest, go like and share his facebook page

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