Car Wash For a Good Cause


Click on picture for more information on the car wash or how to donate

You may have seen people standing by the street, holding a sign that reads “Free Car Wash”. Those car washes are usually to help raise money for things in particular, cub scouts, new uniforms, band trips, etc. Today Bryant Police Chief Kizer posted on his facebook page that on August 10th, from 9AM-12PM the Bryant Police Department will host a car wash to help raise money to buy shoes for kids for school. Majority of the schools here in Arkansas start the 19th of August.


Click on badge for more information on the car wash or how to donate

Car Wash held at the Bryant Police Department, August 10th, from 9AM-12PM 312 Roya Lane, Bryant, AR 72022

Note: if you cannot make the car wash, but would like to help donate make checks payable to: Bryant Police Department Donation Fund

And mailed to:

Bryant Police Department
312 Roya Lane
Bryant, AR 72022

Check out Chief Kizer’s, Bryant Police Department Facebook page:


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