Summer is halfway over

When I got up this morning I said out loud that I hope to get some writing done. My grandmother heard what I said replied, the summer is almost over. I had to stop and think for a few minutes, she’s right, it’s the last day of June. I have at least a month and a half before I start another semester of college. I have two more semesters left until I received my Associates degree, then start working on my Bachelor’s.

I wanted to get some writing done this summer, but it turned out that didn’t happen…so far anyway. I have been kept busy working with my publisher on the final approval of my book, working with the illustrator on the final draft of the illustrations. I had sent my book back twice due to a misspelled word and to also correct some illustrations. I then began working with my marketing manager on ordering my book for my personal use, and not to mention promotional items such as posters, book marks, and business cards. Fixing up my personal business cards took me at least an hour. I was picky on how they should look. I went through several styles, then went through several fonts and coloring of the font, then should I add a picture, should I add my phone number. It was hard to make up my mind, but I finally came up with something that I truly liked.

Then I needed to prepare for upcoming events events (please check my upcoming events and book signings), do I have a table, who’s going to sit with me and help me with my events, what should I bring, all these questions needed answers and quick. I also began to promote my work, emailing everyone in my contacts about my book coming out. I became a member of the Bryant Chamber of Commerce, which is a huge way of promoting my work. I talked to the ladies in the office for at least a half hour on setting up a booth for local events, getting published, other authors in town, and adding myself to their website.

You can say that I’m finding out myself that there’s a lot of work involved to being an author. Not only do you take the time to sit down and write a manuscript then turn it in to a publisher, you also have to find the time to go out and promote your work. That is the most important part. Though I’m only promoting myself locally and through social media, my marketing manager helps promote my work through bookstores and news media. All and all it’s a busy process.

I also have been kept busy with my daughter who has three therapist that see her almost every day. It also turns out that my daughter may have Autism, she has many signs of Autism and has been working with a couple of therapist who specialize in that area. I’m truly blessed to work with them as well, as I learn how to react to my daughter’s meltdowns and also how to work with her on other things. Just working with my daughter daily keeps me busy in itself that I find it hard to take time to do anything else. I don’t put her in daycare during the summer because I want to spend time with her. There’s always so much to do during the summer.

This coming Thursday is the 4th of July and I haven’t even looked to see what festivities there’s going to be here in town. Usually I already know and have made plans, but this year it seems to have sprung up on me quickly. What are your plans for Independence Day?

6 thoughts on “Summer is halfway over

  1. bluejays93

    wow thats a busy summer for you. ya it goes by too fast with all that going on, i will say on the meltdowns a key thing is remaining calm, i know thats a hard thing to do. a sensory ball comes handy, a really good calming tool. Also doubles as a kick ball to get them distracted from what caused the meltdown. i will say also that i find rubbing the spinal area seems to work also. good luck with the book.

    1. jennnadams Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 We’re working on the sensory ball. I find it helps to rock her in the rocking chair, but when I’m doing that she doesn’t want me to touch her anywhere, just rock her. I’m still figuring things out that helps her.

  2. bluejays93

    That’s great that you’re working with the sensory ball. The rocking is great. My girl has a rocking chair she really loves. It’s amazing how the rocking keeps them centered. I can explain the touch thing. I learned it from temple grandin book. The touch to them if unwanted feels like sand paper on their skin. I find the best calming techniques to be big pressure hugs but only if they want it after being asked. I’m assuming elmo is her favorite too. I find him to be common among spectrum kids.

    1. jennnadams Post author

      I’m hoping to pick up Temple’s book…I recently bought Jim Beaver’s book ‘Life’s This Way’ as he has a daughter with Autism. I’m trying to research it as much as I can so that I have a better understanding. She likes to hug, but only when she wants me to…she’ll come up to me for a hug. She doesn’t have an Elmo doll, she mostly clings to 5 particular stuffed animals, mostly the ones described in the previous blog – zebra, giraffe, dinosaur (Rex from Toy Story), airplane, and Angus (the horse from Brave). She likes to swing a lot on her swingset out back, which helps. But it’s mostly the meltdowns she has when going into the store that I don’t know how to help her through. She has to carry in a certain toy, but sometimes she has this huge dumptruck that I don’t want her to bring in with her and because of that she has a meltdown. What’s worse is the people that stare or move in closer to us to find out what’s going on. It usually takes her a half hour to calm down, but I’m still uncertain how to help her through it. At home it’s easier. I appreciate the comments, it’s very helpful as this is all very new to me. It’s great to have someone to talk to who understands Autism.

  3. bluejays93

    i’m going to try and find jim beaver’s book. that sounds like a great book. i bet that all those animals you described have a big eyes on them. thats pretty common with autism kids. my daughters respite let me know about that. i tried to dispell that but when i look at the things interest her they all have big eyes. its a cute thing really.i will say in a store or anywhere these kids can pick up sounds that we normally dont bother with. depending on the type of store and the amount of people she maybe having difficulty with different sounds. believe it or not the sounds of the big lights can have an effect. its up to you but one solution maybe get a pair of headphones nothing expensive and let her wear those. it will help her focus and not get frustrated because shes trying to process everything from whats going on to many people talking at the same time. ive done this and i find it has cut down the meltdowns quite a bit. i know its hard to not pay attention to people staring but after awhile it’ll be like let them stare because you know youre a great parent and they have no idea what youre going through so they wouldnt understand anyways. i would say if you have a small sensory ball it would be good idea to carry it with you in a backpack or something a long with the communication book. the sensory ball can be used when she goes into a meltdown by rubbing it up and down her back. it will help to calm her down almost right away. the sensory book can be used to ask her how she feels. that’ll help her process to herself how she feels. i hope this helps you out. you have anymore questions i’ll be happy to help. im trying to get a respite business going at home because i have realized how much i love helping people who have kids with autism.


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