The wonderful imagination of a child

I woke up with my daughter, a dinosaur, an airplane, a zebra, and a giraffe in my bed this morning. It sounds like a one liner a person would say when they’ve had a wild and crazy night. Or an awesome night spent in the Smithsonian Museum, the only thing crazy in that one liner would be the bed.

In all actuality this is how most of my mornings are. Though these things aren’t life sized, they are child’s toys. I roll over to watch my daughter play with these four stuffed animals and laugh quietly. I noticed the dinosaur has somewhat of an identity crisis as it barks and licks the airplane. The airplane in turn comes to life as it says, “Ew, yucky!” back at the dinosaur. The zebra and giraffe sit by, silently watching the two converse.

This continues for a few more minutes until we get up for breakfast. I enjoy starting my mornings like this. It’s curious to know what goes on in a child’s mind. It’s great to see her imagination come to life through her toys.

4 thoughts on “The wonderful imagination of a child

  1. bluejays93

    that is very cute. my daughter often wakes up with elmo, pooh bear, and others. ya its funny how can have a identity crisis lol. their minds are wonderful to observe.


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