Disney theme

I wanted to post a few blogs this past weekend, but I was suffering some sort of stomach bug. Nothing worse than spending the night in the bathroom, revisiting what you ate previously that day every hour or every other hour (I was trying to say that as best as I could without the horrible imagery). I am feeling mostly better…I say mostly as my stomach is still a little sensitive, but nonetheless my daughter and I are going on vacation.

Tomorrow morning my daughter and I will be leaving here bright and early to start our trip. First it’s a twelve hour drive to pick up my sister and her husband. Then it’s a five hour drive to Disney World in Orlando where we’ll spend four days in each of Disney’s themed parks. My sister Jil and I have coordinated events and maps and things to see and things to do, so all and all we’ll be busy.

Starting today and into next week I’ll have a Disney theme blog post. I’ll share pictures and stories of our trip. I hope it’ll be inspiring or helpful, hopefully both.


All packed and ready for our trip to Disney World


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