Making my own traditions on Friday’s

It seems like each semester, for the past year and a half, I end up having Friday’s off or I have an early morning class, giving me the rest of the day to do something. Last semester, Friday’s were spent hanging out with a close friend of mine. We would go to one of the few museums in Little Rock, then eat lunch at a cafe or McD’s, or to the movies. No matter what, we would find something to do on Friday.

ImageThis semester, every Friday morning, for the past two and a half months, has become a tradition for me; more like a ritual. After I drop my daughter off at daycare, I drive to my local Hastings bookstore and sit in the Hardback Coffee Cafe and write. I always drink a coffee or frappe or smoothie, browse through the magazines, read something I have brought from home, work on one of my manuscripts, and then browse the book shelves before meeting my sister Jaci for lunch. Sometimes Dad will eat with us and occasional our mother will too. And on occasion my mother will be sitting at a table close by typing away on her laptop.



It has become something I look forward to though, as it is my only day off from school, aside from the weekend. It is like a day of relaxing my mind from school work and I also get out of the house. Since I am a writer, as well as a full time student, I have given myself Friday’s as a day to write; not on school work, but on the latest novel or children’s book. Image

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