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Disney Day Two


Day Two – We got up early the next morning and stood in line to get into the park. The fun part was riding the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. We ate breakfast inside the park again, mini Belgian waffles with fresh fruit, which was really good.


ImageWe found our way to the tea cup ride where we met Alice from Wonderland. My daughter was excited and greeted her with cheerful, “Hi Alice!”

They chatted for a few minutes about finding the White Rabbit and then Alice signed my daughter’s autograph book before we went to ride the tea cups. Seeing my baby’s face when the ride started was priceless. She smiled and giggled and shouted “Wee!” the entire time the ride was going. When we got off the White Rabbit was hanging out with Alice and we had to go stand in line again just to meet him.

We continued to ride rides and meet characters, especially her most two favorite characters, Merida and Tinker Bell.


The best part was the fast passes. My brother-in-law, James, would go get our fast passes while we stood in line for another ride. The fast pass had a time on it where we could go back to that particular ride and cut to the front of the line.

Most of the rides had signs saying how long the wait was. The worst part was how expensive everything was. I knew that it might be expensive before I got there, but Starbucks coffee is considerably cheap compared to coffee at Disney. And $2.50 for a 20oz bottled water and $4 for a small bag of cotton candy? We actually agreed on McD’s for lunch outside of the park, followed by a nap … for us adults. Though the nap was cut short due to an anxious three year old who wanted to go ride more rides.


On our way back to the park, we rode the Ferry instead of the monorail, then caught the train to the northern part of the park where my daughter and I rode the magic carpet ride. It was similar to the Dumbo ride except there’s a camel that’s spits water. It didn’t matter to my daughter, she was still enjoying herself, until the fireworks started.

We had caught the light show parade, which was beautiful. My daughter pointed out to a few of the floats, shouting their names. It was great to see Pete’s Dragon again. The last time I had seen Pete’s Dragon was … uh, a really long time ago.

After the parade, we met up with my sister and brother-in-law and made our way to Cinderella’s castle. The fireworks pre-show was absolutely amazing! They fly Tinkerbell out to the castle where she tosses some fairy dust onto it and the castle starts to change it’s appearance. My daughter was sitting on top of her uncle James’ shoulders, watching the show. Her face was just priceless that I had tears.

There was a few minutes interlude between the castle show and fireworks, which gave us some time to move closer to the exit. As soon as the fireworks started, everyone stopped moving and stared up to the sky. It was beautiful. My daughter started to get a little fussy as the sound of the fireworks echoed throughout the park. Not a pleasant thing for a child on the spectrum.

All and all, day two was wonderful. I was looking forward to the next day.


Disney Day One


We left Georgia in the afternoon on Friday, arriving in Orlando after 10PM. We got up early the following morning and made our way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As soon as we made our way onto the main road, there were plenty of signs showing us which way to go.It cost $14 to park at each park every day. Though if you decide to visit more than one park on the same day you don’t have to pay an extra $14 to park, just show your paid parking ticket once you reach the parking booth.


Once we got into Hollywood Studios, we decided to find a place to eat breakfast. Only one place was found and wasn’t too far of a walk. The only problem is that it cost $24 a plate. The good thing is that my daughter can eat off of my plate. They had some characters singing and dancing. I didn’t know and of them, but my daughter seemed to love it. One girl is from Little Einstein’s, though I didn’t learn that until much later. She has a Dora likeness to her which my daughter had picked up on and began to shout ‘Dora, Dora’. I thought it was cute and wasn’t going to burst her bubble by telling her it wasn’t her favorite cartoon character.


My sister and brother-in-law decided to part my company and find things for them to do. I started to walk, walk, and walk some more, looking for something to keep my three year old occupied. I found the Muppet’s studio and thought that since I loved them growing up that maybe my daughter would too. It was a a cute Muppet movie in 3D, though my daughter didn’t want to wear the 3D glasses. Then some of the characters began to interact with the audience, which she had a hard time keeping up with. When the visual effects started she began to get a little spooked. There was a cannon that supposedly fired at the screen which caused the theater to “catch fire”. When that happened the fog machine started sending fog out into the audience, my daughter immediately started to whimper and jumped into my lap.

As soon as the show was over I thought against taking her to another show. The only thing about it was that Hollywood Studios was mostly all shows.

Over an hour had passed and she was getting cranky. I knew she was bored and hot. It was also getting crowded due to the Star Wars theme throughout the park. There was Jedi Training, a Star Wars themed ride, and several Star Wars Characters throughout the park, to which I found Darth Vader and got my picture taken with him.


My daughter and I met up with my sister and brother-in-law to go watch the stunt show. If you ever decide to visit Hollywood Studios make sure you watch the stunt show! I loved it. There are a few cars chasing one car around a nice sized studio lot and all the while a camera crew is filming the chase scene. After the chase scene is over they play the video. It’s neat to see how they filmed the scene with only the cars in the shot.


After the show I decided to take my daughter back to the hotel room and let my sister and brother-in-law enjoy the rest of the day. I picked up McD’s on the way back. After eating it didn’t take my daughter long to fall asleep. I, too, took a nap, which felt good to get some rest.

I’ll post Disney Day Two tomorrow.

A beautiful view

It was almost six this morning when I got up, feeling wide awake. I could hear the birds singing and the ducks quacking. My sister’s apartment overlooks a lake from her balcony. The lake is within ten feet of her backdoor, literally. Also within a few feet from her balcony you can see about a dozen ducks, geese, and palmetto trees.


The ducks have been spoiled by my sister and her husband as they feed them. Yesterday my sister and her husband went shopping while I stayed here with my daughter. A duck flew onto the balcony, walked up to the door, and continued to stare inside. I opened the door and it started wagging it’s tail and chirping  I had to call my sister to tell her that one of the ducks is waiting up here for her. She told me to feed it some bread until they came home with the duck feed.


This morning my daughter, sister, and I went out to feed the ducks. You could hear the ducks and geese coming from far away as soon as we threw out the first handful of bird food. In no time we had over a dozen adult birds and about eight baby ducks.

Image  Image

Safe in Georgia

I made it to Georgia, safely, after twelve exhausting hours. It’s the first time Dublin has been on a road trip that lasted longer than two hours. She began to get cranky after about two and a half hours on the road. Though she had a portable DVD player to keep her occupied, it stopped working. I didn’t blame her, I wanted to get out and stretch my legs too. We stopped in West Memphis at a McD’s for a quick bite and got back on the road. 

We made it through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, then Georgia. When I got to Georgia it began to storm off and on. When It the rain stopped I saw a small part of a rainbow ahead of us.


Disney theme

I wanted to post a few blogs this past weekend, but I was suffering some sort of stomach bug. Nothing worse than spending the night in the bathroom, revisiting what you ate previously that day every hour or every other hour (I was trying to say that as best as I could without the horrible imagery). I am feeling mostly better…I say mostly as my stomach is still a little sensitive, but nonetheless my daughter and I are going on vacation.

Tomorrow morning my daughter and I will be leaving here bright and early to start our trip. First it’s a twelve hour drive to pick up my sister and her husband. Then it’s a five hour drive to Disney World in Orlando where we’ll spend four days in each of Disney’s themed parks. My sister Jil and I have coordinated events and maps and things to see and things to do, so all and all we’ll be busy.

Starting today and into next week I’ll have a Disney theme blog post. I’ll share pictures and stories of our trip. I hope it’ll be inspiring or helpful, hopefully both.


All packed and ready for our trip to Disney World


Growing up too fast

My daughter has been taking speech therapy as well as PT therapy and OT therapy. Since I had pulled her out of daycare for the summer, her therapist have been visiting her here at home.

I’ve never seen them while they were working with her, usually I would catch the end of their session. At first my daughter didn’t want anything to do with them. I guess it was the change of scenery, but she knew who they were and have been working with them for months now, so they weren’t total strangers. It took her a little while to finally begin her therapy session and I was there to see what all they do with her.

There was a few games she would play on a tablet and I was quite amazed at how well she was doing. It made me smile so big watching her. I was beaming with joy deep inside, thinking how smart my baby girl is. Then it was time to work on repeating words and sentences. Some words came out clearly, while other words were more of a mumble. Still I could notice a difference in how she talks now from when she first started her therapy sessions.

The other night I was wide awake thinking of my birthday coming up in June, I’ll be 34. But that isn’t what got me, it is the fact that my little girl is growing up way too fast. I started to realize how old she really is and that she’ll be four soon; December. Then not too far from now she’ll be starting kindergarten. I tossed and turned most of the night, unable to sleep. I would see babies in the store and just smile and think how I remember my little girl being that tiny, it seems like it was a few months ago. But just recently I noticed she had grown a few more inches and could no longer fit in a few pairs of jeans.

I’m glad I am able to spend as much time as I can with her during the summer because the time that I’m in school is spent doing way too much homework and very little time with my daughter. We have four more days until we leave for Georgia to pick up my sister, then we’re off to Disney. I know she’s anxious to go and so am I.

Star Wars VII

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and Star Trek as well as several other SciFi shows and movies. Actually, I’m just a geek…and I love it! I read in today’s newspaper that JJ Abrams is going to be the director of the upcoming Star Wars episode 7, coming out in 2014. JJ Abrams has made a well known name for himself as the one behind the wheel in the last Star Trek film, as well as the upcoming Star Trek film coming out next week. So what better person to direct the new Star Wars film than JJ Abrams? I personally think he’s the man for the job. I’m looking forward to seeing the newest Star Wars film as always.

We’re going to Disney World

It’s been many years since I’ve taken a vacation. Every year I would read facebook status from friends and family who are going to the beach during the summer or taking a trip somewhere. Meanwhile my daughter and I are at home with no plans to go anywhere.

This year there was plans to take a trip to Pennsylvania at the end of June for a family reunion, but those plans fell through. Since I still had money saved up, I still wanted to go somewhere. My youngest sister called me and asked if I wanted to take my daughter to Disney World and I was more than happy to say yes. I was the age my daughter is now, three, when I first went; actually it was my only time I have ever been. Thirty one years later I’m sure Disney World has changed…a lot!

Since my sister’s husband is in the military he can purchase discounted tickets, which makes going to Disney that much better. I immediately got online and begin planning the trip. Disney has a website you can visit and plan your entire stay; which parks you want to visit, which rides you want to ride, an entire checklist, plus you can print out a map with your checklist added onto it. I also made a packing checklist too while I was on the computer so that I wouldn’t forget anything. I’m not sure who’s more excited about going, me or my daughter. I just can’t wait to see her face when she meets her favorite Disney characters.

I’m even planning on making a special trip to the beach, as she’s never been. I grew up on the beach and miss it more and more each day. It’s hard being so far from the ocean. I’m sure she’s going to be just as giddy as I am when she sees the ocean and plants her feet into the sand. She loves swimming and playing in the water so I know it’s going to be a great time.

I’m looking forward to our trip and will post pictures in a later blog.

What are your plans for the summer? Taking a trip or spending some time off at home relaxing?

First day of my summer break


Today was my first day beginning my summer break. I took my last final of the semester yesterday and felt confidant that I aced it. I gave it a few hours before I checked my overall grades and saw that I made an A in that class which is Cultural Anthropology. Anthropology is what I decided that I would be majoring in. I’m even more excited to see that I received another A and a B in two other classes. I’m still waiting to see what I received for one more class, but I have a feeling I did very well. My GPA even went up, which makes me happy. I even registered for five more classes for next semester.

Now with school being over I can relax and enjoy being stress free for awhile. Most importantly, I can now spend the time that I want with my daughter.

Today she told me that she wanted to go outside and play, well, not in so many words, but with gestures and with her putting her shoes on and running to the door. I grabbed my purse, a bottled water, put my shoes on, and went outside. Instead of playing on the swing set in our backyard, I decided to take her to the park down the street.

shoesOne thing I can tell you that if you ever decide to go to the park with an energetic three year old, wear tennis shoes and not flip flops. My calf muscles burned after running around the playground with her for a half hour. She then wanted me to take her for a walk around the foot path trails that go around the perimeter of the park. I decided that the half we walked was at least two miles.

It did feel good to go for a walk, especially after several months of sitting being a computer researching and typing essays almost daily. From the lack of exercise I noticed that I had put on a few pounds, which is something that I am not comfortable with. I haven’t had much luck in losing these extra baby pounds due to my lower back pain, so putting on more weight makes me feel even more depressed. I am planning on doing a lot more walking this summer, though I plan on having my little girl with me.