Update on my children’s book…

Earlier this week I received an email from my publisher. He had sent me an entire copy of my children’s book, wanting me to scan through it carefully for any corrections that need to be made. So far I’ve only caught one misspelled word, but I asked for two minor changes to be made on an illustration.

I cannot tell you in words just how excited I am to be able to see my book in it’s entirety. It really pleases me to see my work finished. I hope to be sharing a picture of the cover with everyone very soon, but I am told by my publisher to wait until all the corrections have been made and will be on it’s way to the printer.

I should learn next week if the corrections I requested to be made will be approved, if they are, then they will work on them. Then I will receive my first copy through the mail (snail mail).

I’ll continue to keep everyone posted. If you have facebook, please click on the link below and ‘like’ my author page so that you can be kept posted straight away as I tend to wait awhile before I blog about it.


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