Update on my manuscript

Even though I’m going to school full time I still manage to work on my manuscript (Young Adult Novel). Yesterday I was curious as to how far I’ve gotten on word count. I’m almost a hundred words shy of making it to 37,000 words. I’m also up to 134 pages. The last time I posted how many words I was at was this past January. I think it was 5K words short of making 40K words total. Looks like I’ve written two thousand words since then.

I know it doesn’t seem like that’s a lot, but honestly I’m editing my manuscript, which means I’m cutting words and or paragraphs here and there, as well as adding words and or paragraphs here and there. I have twenty chapters in my manuscript and right now I’m working on editing chapter fifteen.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I can get it finished soon. I know with added school work in my schedule it makes it difficult to work on my manuscript more, but a little work is better than none. 

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