Spring Ache

I was actually hoping to get more writing done this week, as it was after all my Spring Break. But Thursday morning I woke up with a bad head ache and my whole body just…ached, all over. I thought the cold weather was bothering me, as it was snowing a few counties north of me. Later that evening it was finally determined that I had the flu! Yuck! Today, Sunday, I am finally recovering from the last three days of being bed bound.

The thing about recovering from the flu, you think you’re hungry, but you’re actually not. And nothing tastes right or the way it should. And you would prefer to spend this day being lazy or just stare off into space, contemplating on the thought of being lazy today.

I and a few others think that the ground hog Phil lied, or someone in the media did somewhere. Phil must’ve seen his shadow, I’m sure of it. How else do you explain the snow and ice and cold weather we’re still having, after being told that winter was finally over and that spring is finally here? No matter, I’m just really, really ready for shorts and sandal weather!

School resumes for me tomorrow. I will have eight weeks left until summer break. I pray that I don’t catch another cold or come down with the flu again as I have plans for the end of June.

My step-dad’s side of the family is having their first family reunion…why they’re finally having a reunion is unbeknownst to me, but we are glad they are. After the reunion we’re planning on touring Philadelphia and its history, as well as the surrounding states. After doing some research online to see which places I would love to visit, I found out that Edgar Allan Poe has a house in Philadelphia. Now I’m really anxious to go! Though I’m a huge fan of History, I’m a bigger fan of the classic writer’s.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

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