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Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a happy Easter!



Lincoln the movie

I was finally able to see the movie Lincoln. It was nominated for 12 Oscars, including one for Best Actor by Daniel Day Lewis. Lewis is the only actor in history to win three Oscars for Best Actor.

There may have been a few historical inaccuracies in the film, for example Mary Todd Lincoln, played by Sally Fields, sat in on the House proceedings surrounding the Amendment 13. History isn’t recorded that Mrs. Lincoln had ever sat in to listen to any of the proceedings.

I actually enjoyed the movie. It gave a better insight on how Lincoln fought to get the 13th Amendment to pass. He was in a small way like Moses, trying to free the slaves from bondage. England passed an Emancipation Act in 1833, abolishing slavery. It was about time that the United States should do the same, though it took the US until 1865 for that to happen.

Even though we all know what becomes of Lincoln, the movie didn’t show how it happened, more or less had a character come in and said Lincoln was shot and killed by Booth. The next scene shows Lincoln lying in bed, surrounded by men of importance, as a doctor calls the date and time of Lincoln’s death. The scene itself can be felt be the viewer as a scene of great sadness. I felt a moment of grief, as I stared at the TV screen, watching a moment in history replay itself.

Lincoln was a man of greatness, a man who was impassioned by ending slavery, and he fought hard to see it happen. He did live to see the bill pass, and lived only a short few months for it to take effect.    

A silly little reporting

For our ‘beginning journalism’ class, our teacher had us write up a newspaper article that was newsworthy using nursery rhymes. Most of the class didn’t know that many nursery rhymes so she began putting some up on the board, with our added help of course. I decided to use ‘Jack Be Nimble’. We had fun writing these, as well as reading them in class.


Teen Suffers 2nd Degree Burns, Candle Jumping

Bryant, Arkansas, Jack B. Nimble, 18, suffers from second degree burns practicing for a new event in what he is calling Candle Jumping. His close friend, J. B. Quick, 17, says that Jack has been practicing Candle Jumping for three weeks and was hoping to perform this jump in front of family and friends this weekend, before performing in front of a much larger audience next month.

When asked if he could describe Candle Jumping, J. B. Quick stated, “It’s like Evil Knivel type of stuff. Someone on a BMX bike peddles as fast as he can up a ramp, jump over a several burning barrels, and land on a ramp on the other side.” Quick also stated that he is another Candle Jumping performer and is going to perform with Nimble next month, should Nimble recover soon.

Firefighter Chief Nelson states, “That something in one of the barrels had explode, shooting flames up at Nimble, causing him to lose focus and miss the last ramp, landing on a burning barrel causing his injuries.”

Nimble had tried jumping over five burning barrels when he suffered from a concussion, broken leg, three broken ribs, a broken arm, and second degree burns over half of his body. He remains in critical condition at UAMS.  

Spring Ache

I was actually hoping to get more writing done this week, as it was after all my Spring Break. But Thursday morning I woke up with a bad head ache and my whole body just…ached, all over. I thought the cold weather was bothering me, as it was snowing a few counties north of me. Later that evening it was finally determined that I had the flu! Yuck! Today, Sunday, I am finally recovering from the last three days of being bed bound.

The thing about recovering from the flu, you think you’re hungry, but you’re actually not. And nothing tastes right or the way it should. And you would prefer to spend this day being lazy or just stare off into space, contemplating on the thought of being lazy today.

I and a few others think that the ground hog Phil lied, or someone in the media did somewhere. Phil must’ve seen his shadow, I’m sure of it. How else do you explain the snow and ice and cold weather we’re still having, after being told that winter was finally over and that spring is finally here? No matter, I’m just really, really ready for shorts and sandal weather!

School resumes for me tomorrow. I will have eight weeks left until summer break. I pray that I don’t catch another cold or come down with the flu again as I have plans for the end of June.

My step-dad’s side of the family is having their first family reunion…why they’re finally having a reunion is unbeknownst to me, but we are glad they are. After the reunion we’re planning on touring Philadelphia and its history, as well as the surrounding states. After doing some research online to see which places I would love to visit, I found out that Edgar Allan Poe has a house in Philadelphia. Now I’m really anxious to go! Though I’m a huge fan of History, I’m a bigger fan of the classic writer’s.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

Along Came A Spider…

The other day I had gone to the store to pick up a prescription for my grandmother. I was lucky that it wasn’t rush hour just yet, because what happened next had taken my mind off of driving and sent my heart and anxiety racing.

I was halfway across the bridge that goes over the overpass when I felt a slight tickle on my arm. I didn’t really pay any mind to it, thinking it was just a hair. The tickling started to go up my arm, causing me to look. A spider was making its way up my arm. I swatted at it, though missing it, causing it to fall to the floor. I quickly looked in the floor for it, all the while driving down the road. There was no evidence of the spider anywhere.

I continued to drive back to my house, but with the funniest feeling that something was crawling on me…it was my mind playing tricks. As soon as I pulled into my driveway and put my car in park I searched the car over, not finding that little eight legged creature anywhere. Where did it go? I’m sure I scared it as much as it scared me, so it must be hiding waiting until it was safe for it to come out.

Several days later, I still have not found it, nor has any other spider come out to pester me.

Book Review on The Darkest Minds

Title of the book: The Darkest Minds

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Genre: Fiction

I tend to write reviews on books that I love and can’t put down. To me, it’s a way of spreading the word and letting others that are in search of another good book, to look for this one the next time they’re in the book store or library.

I found this book at the library about a week ago. I loved it to the point that I found it hard to put down. It’s one of those ‘stay up late reading, because it’s that good’ type of book. It’s set in the modern day, in America. A certain disease has hit all of the children to the point that they either die or they inherit psi powers. The stronger their powers, the more danger they’re in with the adults, mostly the government. They receive a number and are categorized by color depending on their strength and level of power; Green being very low, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and finally the worse being Red.

They are gathered up and taken to these camps to be monitored. There are a few camps spread out across the US. Some of the kids have escaped these camps in search of a person called the ‘Slip Kid’. The main character, Ruby, nicknamed Green by a small group of her friends, is one of the children that has managed to escape her camp and is in search of the Slip Kid.

Along the way her and three of her friends escape bounty hunters, called Skip Tracers, and also escape the PSF’s, which are the newly formed Army of Psi Enforcers. The PSF’s are in charge of the encampments. They also roam the streets in search of escapees to bring back to the camps. They also escape and Anti Psi Group, called The Children’s League. The Children’s League is in search of children that have very powerful psi powers; Ruby just so happens to be one of these children, she just doesn’t know it…yet.  

This book is packed full of adventure, action, and a little bit of teen romance. It also leaves you wanting more. I would definitely read this one again, but first I’m going to pick up the next one in the series, Never Fade.  

You can check out her website for more of her work: or her twitter page: @alexbracken

Hump Day, Slump Day

It’s ‘Hump Day’ or better known as ‘Wednesday’. But right now I’m recalling it ‘Slump Day’…temporarily. This Friday begins my Spring Break and I could not be happier than to be getting a break from school right now. This week I have three essay’s due, one test to take, and three assignments due. Can you see how much I’m looking forward to this break? My brain needs it and I think my body does too.

I’m planning on taking it easy during my week off. The only plans I’ve made, so far, is to take my daughter to the Memphis Zoo. And possibly drive by Elvis’ house, Graceland; a must do while visiting Memphis. It’s a two hour drive from my house to Memphis and it takes at least the entire day just to walk around the Memphis Zoo as it’s quite larger than our zoo here in Little Rock. Little Rock Zoo takes a few hours to walk around and see everything, whereas the Memphis Zoo being quite extensive, compared to ours, takes possibly four or five hours, unless I take the time to see a few of the shows they offer.

All and all, it’s going to be a relaxing spring break spent with my daughter. I know she’s looking forward to it as well. Wishing everyone a Happy Wednesday!

Native American Sun Dance

The Sun Dance has been one of the most sacred ceremonies for thousands of years and is still practiced today by the Lakota, Shoshone, Arapaho, Crow, and Cheyenne tribes. To witness a Sun Dance ceremony as an outsider, you must have an invitation. I have had the opportunity to not only watch a Sun Dance, but learn about the sacred ceremony in its entirety.

A Sun Dance actually lasts 28 days, but preparation is a yearlong process. The Sun Dance is performed in the summer, starting on a full moon; usually the hottest week of the year. The performer begins his preparation meditating, praying, and spends time in the sweat lodge. A particular group of people begin setting up the Sun Dance grounds during this time. A scout will go out to look for the best Cottonwood tree, when one is found, a ceremony will take place to bless and thank that tree before it is taken down and used as the center pole for the Sun Dance. The center of tree represents the tree of life and sage and tobacco is tied on to the top of the tree before placing it in the ground. A circle is then formed around the pole of other trees.

Once the circle is finished, the performers will go into the sweat lodge to pray, then enter the circle. Once they enter the circle, all eating and drinking stops for four days. The performers will then sing and dance around the center pole, clockwise, for the first two days. On the third day those that choose to pierce their skin will be pierced and sing and dance for the final two days.

In old times the Sun Dance required the warrior to dance around a pole they were attached to by a rope. On the end of the rope were wooden skewers that pierced under their chest muscles. They would dance while pulling the rope, causing the wooden skewers to cut and pull on their pierced skin and muscle. Today, not all tribes pierce their skin.

On the fourth and final day the dancers must dance until their skin has been ripped, this completes the sacrifice and the performers become reborn. The performers will then finish the ceremony by sitting in the sweat lodge in prayer.

We saw the Wiener Mobile

I’m always eager to get out of the house and site see. My daughter is the same way. All I have to say is, “go get your shoes” and a few minutes later she has a bucket full of toys and her socks and shoes in hand, smiling and ready to go.

Yesterday, as I was checking my Facebook messages, I happened to notice a picture of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. I had seen it when I was working in Colorado, quite a few years ago, and I thought it was neat. I had also gotten a wiener whistle too; the big kid in me. Now that I have a child I thought it would be something that I could take her to go see and share the excitement with. It took the both of us ten minutes to get ready and out the door…honestly, why can’t every morning be like that?


As we were walking up to the Wiener Mobile my inner child was beaming and my daughter kept saying, “Wow! Cool!” There was a small crowd of people, which I was happy about. A kind lady took our picture standing in front of the giant wiener on wheels and then I took my daughter inside it to have a look around. This was actually the first time I’ve been inside it and it’s more or less like a big car with plush seats that sits eight or ten…I didn’t get a good seat count.


We didn’t spend too much time looking around inside, but I did manage to get my lil girl a whistle. She’s still trying to figure out how to blow it…she’s three. All in all we enjoyed getting to see an icon and it’ll be something that I can share with her later. Maybe we’ll get to see it again later down the road.


A little history:

Tough the company started in 1883, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile started in 1936. The first wiener whistle came out in 1952. In 1958 they added a free wiener whistle in their package of hot dogs.

You can find out where the Wienermobile will be next on their twitter page:

Or their Facebook page:

Or on their blog: