Let It Be

In creative writing class last Thursday, we were to print out our favorite song and talk about why we like it. Then we were to talk about the imagery in the song, who wrote it, what it’s about.

One of my favorite songs is by The Beatles, Let It Be. It is written by Paul McCartney. In the song he talks about Mother Mary, people think that he is talking about the Virgin Mary, but he isn’t, he is talking about his actual mother whose name was Mary (Paul’s mother, Mary, died when he was 14).

The song was written in 1967, an era of war. The Vietnam War was going on during that time, the troubles in Northern Ireland, fighting between Israel and Palestine.

It’s a song of sadness; Paul is seeing all the fighting and hatred and wishing for peace. When you can’t do much to help, you’ll just have to ‘Let It Be’.

Let It Be was also the last song The Beatles recorded together as a band; they break up a few years later.

2 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. Krystal

    I just had a similar assignment in my Creative Writing class this past week, only I didn’t get to choose the songs necessarily. There was a list already made up by the professor. Let it Be is one of my favorite tunes. My stepdad plays covers of Beatles songs in his band so I’ve grown up listening to them. ❤ them! 🙂


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