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My sister and her husband and daughter moved to Georgia around Christmas last year. Her husband is in the Air Force and his orders required him to move there. My sister and I have been texting and calling each other constantly every day.

What makes technology a wonderful thing is that now there is a thing called Skype. We can use our webcams to video call one another. I think it’s wonderful, Gram’s thinks it’s fascinating. I honestly wished that I had this sort of technology when I was in the Navy, I would’ve called home more often, just to see my family’s faces.

Now my niece can talk to my daughter, her cousin on Skype. My sister can chat with me and our Gram’s. She can also see how much my daughter has changed since she’s last seen her. 


Global Warming and the Arctic Alaskan tribes

For my Cultural Anthropology class we had to write a ‘response paper’ about something out of the chapter we are currently working on. I decided to write about an Ethnography that was in my book on “Global Warming and the Inuit Foraging Strategy”. They wrote about two Native American tribes that live in the Arctic regions, who are affected by Global Warming.

There are two Native American tribes that live in Alaska called the Inuit and the Gwich’in. The Inuit’s have been living in the Arctic for over six thousand years, while the Gwich’in has been living in the sub-Arctic for over eight thousand years. Both are foraging tribes that utilize the Arctic ice for building and traveling across. Within the last decade they have been hunting and foraging these regions unsuccessfully due to Global Warming.

“Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth.”

Global Warming not only affects humans, it affects animals as well. The animals that live in the Arctic are having a difficult time with the major climate change. The ice melts earlier and the lakes and streams take longer to freeze. The ice plays a big part in the Arctic animal’s lives. Walrus and seals use it for shelter and protection from the dangers of the water. The Polar Bears can walk across the solid sheets of ice to find their food. The early melting of the ice poses threats to the Caribou young, and other land based animals as they can fall through the ice and drown. Polar Bears have to travel much further to find food, but rarely find any and starve to death. The numbers of the population of the Arctic animals are rapidly decreasing each decade.

The melting ice, as well as the late freezing lakes and streams, is hard for the two tribes to travel across as the main use of travel is either by dogsled or by snowmobile. The warmer weather also poses a danger to the humans when they are foraging for animal pelts or firewood as a hungry polar bear could be lurking nearby. Both tribes use animal pelts as a form of currency. But with animals young falling through the weakened ice, the tribe’s currency is dwindling.

Global Warming is destroying the Arctic’s ecosystems, as well as the Arctic Native Americans traditions and culture. Without the Arctic animals, the Arctic Native Americans would not have anything to pass down to the next coming generations.

Duck Dynasty on A&E

I started watching Duck Dynasty just to see what the fuss is all about and now I’m hooked. I’m not one for watching redneck shows or anything that has to do with redneck’s; I live in Arkansas, so I’m surrounded by rednecks, why do I need to watch them do stupid stuff on TV. Well, I actually like this show and find it quite hilarious. Some of the things they do and say has me in tears from laughing so hard. What’s really great about the show is that I can watch it with my daughter as there isn’t any foul language or violence.  

If you have seen it yet, a third season is coming up on A&E 27 February at 9/8 Central

Alka Seltzer is much better than Nyquil

This weekend both, my daughter and I were really sick with head colds. My head felt like it was going to explode from the headache and sinus pressure I was having, then every bit of my body ached. yesterday morning I went to the store and picked up some Alka Seltzer for colds. As soon as I got home I took the Alka Seltzer and both my daughter and I slept the rest of the day. It didn’t leave me feeling groggy the following day like Nyquil does.

I did get up for a few minutes to work on a little homework, then went back to bed. Little miss didn’t get up until early AM, but went back to bed. I’m feeling much better this morning, the sinus pressure, headache, and body aches are now gone…Thank goodness! Little miss still has a slight cough, but not as bad as it was this weekend. Both, she and I went on to school today. Definitely recommend taking any of the Alka Seltzer cold meds.

We are still due to get some more cold weather, even after having a nice warm weekend. Wishing everyone well and stay warm!

The military is an actual culture

In my cultural anthropology class we have to write response papers; a 450 words of what was talked about that day, or pick a topic from a handout. On this handout was a topic on writing about my culture and talk about six keys words given about my culture – adapt, change, system, organize and give meaning, cultural difference, theoretical schools. Since I was i the Navy I decided to write about how the military is an actual culture.


The military is a culture all to itself; separate from the civilian world. Each branch is a different tribe, each of them similar in some ways, yet they have their differences. Each branch has their own uniforms and ranking system, as well as a few rules they don’t apply to the other branches. They also have traditions, requirements, ethics, and codes to follow.

Each branch also has clans, which separates themselves in their tribe. For instance, the Navy has Firemen, Airmen, and Seamen; each one of these clans have different task than the other clans. Firemen work on damage control, Airmen work on and around planes, Seamen work on and around the ship.

Boot camp is a place where all enlisted would have to adapt. It is also a huge cultural change. We would spend nine weeks or more trying to learn new rules, learn about our uniforms and how to take care of them, and also learn about each rank and the change of command, and most importantly we learn about discipline.

Growing up as a military brat, I had to adapt a lot. Having been to twelve schools before graduating high school, I was either ahead of my class mates or behind. I was always the new kid. I couldn’t make friends, more or less I wouldn’t because of the fact that I wouldn’t be staying in that school for very long.

Each person doesn’t stay at the same place for long (three years, more or less); they would have to transfer to another duty station. Once there, they would have to adapt to their new location and get use to the changes in their new duty station. Each duty station will be different than the last one, as they have different rules to follow. They could have also moved from the East coast to the West coast, or moved to a foreign country. They could have also transferred from a ship to shore duty; shore duty is another term for being stationed on dry land. Shore duty is very different than sea duty (being stationed on a ship), as you don’t have to worry about going out to sea every month. When I was in the Navy, I was stationed on board a ship most of my enlistment. I had spent more time out to sea, than I did on dry land.

After I had gotten out in 2004, the entire military had changed uniforms. Each branch was required to wear camouflage. I also noticed, from pictures of my friends that are still in, that the Navy issued new uniforms and had done away with most of the old uniforms. This was probably costly to everyone as once a year we would receive a small uniform allowance.       

Farewell Winter, Hello Spring

Another poem. I’m thinking of using this one for my creative writing project.

Farewell Winter, Hello Spring

I long to say farewell to winter

It’s harsh cold days

And bleak foggy mornings

Farewell to the snow that fell

A heavy wet blanket

Slick roads a burden to travelers

Farewell to the ice storms

Made limbs crashing

And heavy lines snapping

I long to say hello to spring

Sunlight kissing dew drops

Mother Nature reborn

Hello to the sounds of birds calling

Smell the blooms scent in the air

Bright colors decorating Earth’s landscape

Doctor Who poem

For creative writing we are to write a short story or a poem. I’m not very good at writing poetry as I am in writing stories – long or short. I wrote a poem on Doctor Who, but am going to try my hand at writing a different poem for class. I will share with you the Doctor Who poem that I wrote.

Doctor Who

The last time lord saves Earth’s human race.

Travels to many planets in a ship that looks like a blue police box.

Time and relative dimension in space.

Better known as the Tardis.


His travel companions are almost always female.

Together they fight enemies that are odd, unique, and often scary.

Time is wibbly wobbly and nothing is impossible.

Take his hand and run fast.

Allons-y to the future or the past.


Fear the stone angels.

Don’t blink or you’ll die.

Cybermen will delete you.

While Daleks shout exterminate.


Don’t mind his attire.

Everything to him is cool.

He likes fezes and bowties.

A sonic screwdriver is not just a normal tool.


Runaway with the mad man in the box.

Be careful everyone dies.

Though the two heart Gallifreyan can regenerate.

He’s better than a cat with his eleven lives.

The last few weeks…

The last few weeks have been kind of hectic. Gram’s in the hospital, uncertain as to what is wrong with her. She finally made it home late Saturday evening. She’s feeling much better and is walking really well, though with the aide of a walker. I’m still here, helping her out as much as I can. Thank you all for you kind comments, thoughts, and prayers. 🙂

I need a lil help from you

I’m to write an essay on an author who writes short stories or poems from the 1950’s to present time in my creative writing class. I only read novels or am a fan of the classics such as Poe, Frost, Whitman, Dickenson, etc…which cannot be used because they are before 1950. 

This is where your help comes in…if you know of a good book about short stories or poems that I should check out, please leave a comment below. I appreciate all the help that I get.

Let It Be

In creative writing class last Thursday, we were to print out our favorite song and talk about why we like it. Then we were to talk about the imagery in the song, who wrote it, what it’s about.

One of my favorite songs is by The Beatles, Let It Be. It is written by Paul McCartney. In the song he talks about Mother Mary, people think that he is talking about the Virgin Mary, but he isn’t, he is talking about his actual mother whose name was Mary (Paul’s mother, Mary, died when he was 14).

The song was written in 1967, an era of war. The Vietnam War was going on during that time, the troubles in Northern Ireland, fighting between Israel and Palestine.

It’s a song of sadness; Paul is seeing all the fighting and hatred and wishing for peace. When you can’t do much to help, you’ll just have to ‘Let It Be’.

Let It Be was also the last song The Beatles recorded together as a band; they break up a few years later.