Update on my children’s book

I usually check my email every other day or whenever I think about it…which means, I don’t check it as often as I should. Yesterday I checked it out of curiosity. It had been a month since I had heard from one of the illustrators working on my children’s book and he did say to give them a month before I would hear from them again. He gave me a list of questions to answer, questions was about my characters; he basically needed to know how to draw them. During this month he will be working on sketching the pages for my book.

I open my email and there was an email from another illustrator that was working with the other guy I had previously talked to. In the email he had told me that they had been busy working on sketches for my book and wanted to show me one of the sketches. I opened the attachment and saw a page in bright colors with the two characters from my story. I loved it! I emailed him back saying I loved it and since he was asking if I wanted to change anything, I told him no need for any changes. It made my day to see my story in their work. I also went on to tell them what a wonderful job they have done. He emailed me back to say that they will continue with these characters and I will hear back from him in a few weeks.

The children’s book publishing is a long process. It takes 180 days, which includes, editing the story, illustrating, finding the correct title, putting it all together, and then printing the book. I had two major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, in the middle of this that added another month onto the 180 days. I had school keeping me busy to help pass the time, so it wouldn’t feel like I’m waiting an eternity for my published work to come out. I am sure Novels take much longer. 

I’m getting even more excited the closer they get to finishing the book!

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