Lil Miss Behave

I had taken my daughter to get her three year old checkup. Everything checked out fine, except that they see that she is three feet tall, which to them is under the height requirements for her age, and that she is under weight. Two things; one, I think she is perfect short or tall. Two, my child is not underweight; she actually had a belly on her when she went in for her checkup. I think if the doctor is checking the chart for her required height and weight for her age and saying my daughter is short for her age, then I think the weight requirements are going to be way off.

Another thing is that my daughter is behind on is her vocabulary and has to start taking speech therapy. I happily agreed to this. I can understand my daughter for the most part and so can those who are around her a lot, but for others, who don’t know her, have a hard time understanding her. She still babbles and doesn’t use sentences.

While we were there they asked me if I wanted them to give her the flu shot. I said, “Yes, might as well since it’s going around.”

A few days later Dublin began acting a little out of sorts, screaming and crying nonstop for hours. It started at daycare and they were just about to call me had I not walked in the door just then. They told me that it is like her to act like that. I agree it isn’t. That very night she started throwing up, nonstop and it continued all the next day. I took her back to the doctor and was told she had a stomach virus.

She had gotten better, but her behavior did not. The daycare continues to tell me how she’s doing, as usually, and told me that this isn’t her normal behavior. Again, I agree. Today, at lunch she started screaming and crying and threw her plate. The same thing goes on at home, if she doesn’t like something, I’ll try to make whatever it is she wants just to get her to eat something. In the meantime she’s screaming and crying the whole time. Is this a reaction from the flu shot? Or is this a three year old thing? Of course I had called the doctor’s office and talked to the nurse, she told me that this is a three year old thing, that the flu shot wouldn’t do that.

4 thoughts on “Lil Miss Behave

  1. singlemamalife

    When my son turned 3, he started throwing much worse tantrums, and he had had the flu shot 2 months prior. I think when they turn 3, they understand more things around them, but don’t have the vocabulary to explain their thoughts and feelings completely. I would say it is a 3 year old thing. I have had many friends discuss the 3 year old tantrums and how much worse it is then when they were 2. Terrible 2’s has nothing on 3’s!

  2. Terry

    Ah I remember those day. This is the time they see what their limits are and how much they can get away with. You have to be firm but in the process teach her understand we don’t do this. Just maybe she seen another child act this way and its her way of getting your attention. If something has changed she might be reacting to it.

    1. jennnadams Post author

      There is a communication barrier though. I cant understand her sometimes, especially when she gets upset. Then there are those days I cant get her to tell me anything.


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