Its just crackers!

There’s a difference in Cheez-It crackers, trust me, my three year old will point it out to you; she has pointed it out to me. She and I both like Cheez-It crackers. I took to buying the Spiderman ones because of the colorful character on the box. I thought it would appeal to her and I was right, it did, and it has; I bought two. When it was time to buy some more the spot where I would find the Spiderman crackers was empty, but next to that spot were Scrabble Cheez-Its. I bought two thinking nothing of my daughter’s later reactions.

I continued with my shopping, paid for my items, went home and put them away. When she came up to me asking for a snack, I opened the newly purchased Scrabble crackers, poured them into her own little bowl she has, and gave it to her. She looked at the box and then looked at the crackers and began fussing, “Spiman, Spiman!” She wanted Spiderman crackers, to which I replied, “Baby, they were out of Spiderman, these are ABC crackers.” I pick up one of her crackers with a letter on it, “See, this one has an ‘E’ on it!” I said with as much excitement as I could. I grabbed the box and pointed to the letters, “See, it has letters on them, how neat is that?” She looked at me and started to cry, then threw her bowl of lettered crackers at me. “Spiman!” she kept saying through her sobs.

I look for something else to satisfy her…COOKIES! I hurry to the cabinet and find a few chips ahoy (knock off brand) left in its package and give them to her; this seems to suffice her for now. The next day I go back to the store and Spiderman was on the shelf…YAY me!

Not the end of the story… It seems that this is a popular box of crackers for everyone as I went to the store before she ran out and ran into the same situation again, the Spiderman cracker spot was empty! I went home thinking I would pull a slick one on my little girl and start dumping the Scrabble crackers in with the Spiderman crackers, just so the crackers would last until I can find another box (I’ll buy 6 next time, I swear!). I poured her a small bowl full of crackers and handed them to her. Later on, my three year old daughter proved to me that I’m not as slick and she’s not that dumb; she only ate the Spiderman crackers, leaving the Scrabble ones in the bowl and brought them back to me. I had to laugh. 

2 thoughts on “Its just crackers!

    1. jennnadams Post author

      My sister came by the day after I posted this blog and witnessed it for herself. She thought it was too funny as well! She was telling me to mix them up too, but then saw that she was checking the cracker out before she ate them. 🙂


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