School is closing in

Work on my second draft edits is coming along nicely. I’ve added almost 400 words to chapter one and almost 300 words to chapter two and eighteen more chapters to go. I’m already coming up with ideas of how to lengthen the last chapter as I have pretty much squashed everything into it, leaving major bits of detail out. I’m hoping not to add another chapter, that the last chapter would just be rather lengthy.

Still this Christmas break was shorter than the last one. It was also interrupted with an ice storm that had us without power and internet, phone, and television for nearly two weeks. Christmas break really isn’t the time to write anyway as it’s filled with stress from having to rush and do this or that; get the house tidy for family, hang all the Christmas decorations along with the tree, wrap all of the presents, shop for the last minute items as well as the last minute food ingredients that I swore were in the cabinet just days ago, post everyone a Christmas card, get Christmas pictures taken, the list goes on. Then my daughter’s birthday just happens to be a few days before Christmas, so I want to make her birthday just as special as Christmas. People tell me I should celebrate her birthday during the summertime, well, my birthday is in June as well as one of my nephews, everybody is usually on vacation in July and August, then I have two nephews whose birthdays are in August, I really don’t foresee it happening.

This coming Monday I go back to school; another semester of college. I’m excited! I already got my books and will start to get my back pack and supplies sorted and ready to go. I’ll be taking a few classes that will really benefit my writing, not to mention it has made me look into the next step, where I’ll be going after I get my Associates Degree. Since this college was cheaper to take my basics, I’ll be finishing up at a University, getting my Bachelors in History; major in History, minor in English. I should have one or two more semesters left until I can get my Associates Degree.

Every now and then when I find the time, I write. I’ve always made it my personal goal to try to write daily, if not on what I’m currently working on, then on something else. I continue to stick with that goal since I’ve set it a few years ago. Even with this blog has me nearly writing every day, I enjoy that! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “School is closing in

  1. K. C. Mead

    It sounds like you’re on a great and well-disciplined path — keep up the good work 🙂 And I can fully sympathize with your writing-crunch, school starts for me on Monday as well; the true test of all our writing resolutions begins!

    1. jennnadams Post author

      Thank you! Yes, the true test does start. The first month of school may leave me enough time for writing, it’s the middle of the semester that has me swamped with school work and less time for leisure. Good luck to you as well in all of your writing endevours!

    1. jennnadams Post author

      Thank you! I try to meet my goals the best way I can. The best time I have to myself is at night or a few minutes here and there during the day. At night I write up my blog and when I get a chance, post it the following day. As for writing on my book, that’s when I write on it little here, little there. I sometimes meet a few hundred words a day…so far.


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