A White Christmas not so Merry

Almost everyone dreams of having a white Christmas. Somehow it makes it seem more magical … somehow. It was the first time since the 1960’s that it snowed here on Christmas Day. It started with rain that turned into sleet, then like a flip of a switch it turned into snow. Big, white flakes fell fast to the ground. It was mesmerizing, standing at the kitchen window watching them fall. In no time there was a large white blanket, several inches thick covering the ground. It looked beautiful.

It was around 9PM when I started hearing trees snapping outside. I looked out the window to see our giant Magnolia tree in front of our house had split; limbs had fallen all around it, blocking the driveway and also landing on the wheelchair ramp.

Almost another hour had elapsed when another limb had fallen, hitting the garage and also landing on a power line. It knocked part of the house electricity out and also taking the phone line, TV, and internet out as well. Within a few hours we lost electricity throughout the whole house.

Several thousand people were experiencing the same problems that night, some were even worse. About half of us got our electricity back on, while there are those still without power. My daughter, my grandmother, and I camped out in our living room trying to stay warm as best as we could since Christmas night until yesterday.

A person never knows how many comforts they have in their life, until they lose those comforts. Take away the heater during the winter time, hot water to cook and bathe with, and a means of cooking a hot meal … well, I became irritable. I was mostly worried about my daughter who wasn’t eating anything because it wasn’t cooked. She didn’t want any more junk food to snack on, she wanted a hot meal. I didn’t blame her; I wanted something hot to eat too.

I can admit one thing; we were well rested these past few days as that was all there was to do was sleep. We read during the few hours it was light out, as it tends to get dark really early, then laid around under a pile of blankets, snoozing the rest of the time.

Crews are still out working, trying to get the power back on for those still without. Our forecast calls for more wintry weather next week. I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be so bad. I just hope everyone has a way to stay warm during this tough time.

12 thoughts on “A White Christmas not so Merry

  1. Angie

    I always try to look at power outages as unplanned camping trips, we have the luxury of a woodstove so we can still cook and stay warm…our last power outage I made sure we were ready and had candles, water and canned goods and activities so we wouldn’t drive each other nuts!! Glad your power is back on and hope you have some help cleaning up the trees. Hope you have a great New Year without the unplanned camping trip. 😀

    1. jennnadams Post author

      It was def a camping trip..camping in the living room lol! We had lanterns and candles and plenty of blankets. Neighbors helped clear the limbs. If there is another ‘unplanned camping trip’, I’m going to be better prepared. 🙂 As soon as I find a camping stove on the store shelves I’m going to snag it! Lol! 🙂

  2. utesmile

    Glad you are ok, and very true you only really cherish the things you take for granted each day when you suddenly loose them. Hope you have a better time next year. A very good 2013 to you!


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