One of My Sister’s Graduates College

This past Thursday I attended my sister Jessica’s graduation. Though I’ve been to college and have graduated, it wasn’t a University, nor did I attend my graduation. I was in a small class of five and I didn’t wish to be the only one showing up just to receive my diploma. Instead, I had my diploma mailed to me.

My sister’s ceremony was amazing and interesting. It was somewhat like a High School graduation, but with added extras. The teachers dressed in cap and gowns, marched before and after the students. A person banged a staffed on the stage floor, calling the graduation ceremony to begin, then later did the same for it to end. There was an Honorary Degree Recipient; half the crowd gave her a standing ovation…of course I stood and applauded. She worked for civil rights and social change, something that I hold close to my heart, among many things.

When my sister’s name was called, we cheered and clapped for her. We’re so proud of her and her achievements! Nine years, she said it took her to get her diploma. I’m well on my way as well; a year down with three semesters done. I need a total of 65 credit hours to get my Associates Degree; I have already lost count as to how many credit hours I’ve already obtained thus far, but I will continue my education like she did until I receive my diploma or degree.

Stop over at her blog page and leave her a comment or two. She’s a writer like myself and is working on writing a book.

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