Too Much Stress Made Me Crash

The week of my finals had me stressed to the limits. I had stayed up late studying, got up early and fixed mine and my daughter’s breakfast, took her to daycare, then either went to school myself if I had class or went to the library to study some more. The day before my biology final I spent the entire day studying…mostly. There was just too much material to thumb through honestly and none of us knew what was going to be on the final.

That night I didn’t sleep very well, thoughts of germs and bacteria and dissections were some of the things that were running through my mind. I tossed and turned until I heard the alarm clock go off. I knew my blood pressure was up because I didn’t feel too well. I had a headache and I felt sick to my stomach. I’ve taken quite a few college finals before, but I’ve never stared at a test like I was staring at this one and felt the urge to throw up. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then released, and began taking my test.

After I was done I felt a little better. I was more confident that I passed. Some of the questions were like déjà vu from previous test. It was easier than I thought it would be. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. My headache went away and I felt more relaxed. It wasn’t until a few days later when I got my grade that I saw that I made an A…in the class. I was impressed. The entire semester I was stressing out, thinking that I wasn’t going to pass or that I was at least going to get a C. Well, I wouldn’t mind getting a C.

Thursday was my biology final, then Sunday was Christmas with my sister and brother in law. I hadn’t wrapped a thing! Not to mention shopped for food! I had planned on making her a picture collage as well, but I had not had the time to go through her CDs she gave me to pick out pictures, not to mention getting the pictures developed for the project once I pick out which pictures I like on her CDs; I was able to get this accomplished on Saturday and the photo collage finished by Saturday night.

Come Monday, I was exhausted. Though I had a list of things that I had planned to do, I had dropped Dublin off at daycare, came home and took a nap. I did not wake up until it was time to pick her up. I took a short nap yesterday, but today I feel more caught up and ready to roll.

8 thoughts on “Too Much Stress Made Me Crash

  1. maxim sense

    It was such a schedule so full. I just hope that was not your typical day. And oh, bright and diligent students, like you, deserve an “A” no less. Congratulations!


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