The End of the Mayan’s World, Not Ours

I love reading post about how ‘The World is Going to End on 21 Dec 2012’. Honestly, I don’t believe in that…that’s my “opinion” and I’m sticking to it.

There are just too many “glitches” in the whole ‘Mayan Prophecy’. How could you believe in a race that couldn’t foresee their demise? According to, “Scholars find the Mayan hieroglyphics too complex to even understand.” If the Mayan Calendar was even read correctly, maybe the Mayan’s stopped at 21 December 2012 for many reasons. One, the surrounding tribes were at war with one another. Two, they stonemason that carved the Mayan calendar died and no one wanted to begin working on another calendar stone. Three, as soon as the stone was done, they all died. Four, maybe the Mayan calendar just stops at 21 December 2012 like ours stops at 31 December each year. Who knows? What is known is that they were good at math and astrology, they just sucked at predictions.

A few of my friends have said they were going to wake up in the morning, run outside in their underwear, screaming, “I’m alive, the world didn’t end!” I told them they need to film it and make sure they get their neighbors reactions too so we could all have a good laugh.

But on the not so funny part will be the endless list of crazy or stupid things that will keep the news people busy for days. I’m not sure if I even want to turn my TV on that day or the next. 

3 thoughts on “The End of the Mayan’s World, Not Ours

  1. maxim sense

    Oh, we’ve seen quite a number of doomsday prophecies, the more recent ones were 1999, 2000 and tomorrow (Dec. 20 here now in my part of the world). They all ended up in humiliating fiascos. Why? Because, according to the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran, only God (the Might One who created the world) knows when it will exactly end. And God told us there are mighty signs He will give several days before and on the eve of Doomsday. Today, there is not a single sign I saw. Alleluyah (also Allahu Akbar in Islam).

    But it is always best to be prepared ahead of time: Worship none other than the One and Only God Almighty and be firm and steadfast in your Faith. Love thy neighbour regardless of who they are – they are all God’s masterpieces of creation. Avoid all sorts of sins (venial or mortal) and repent immediately the moment you knew you have sinned.

    This is the only way to salvation. Pray hard, love hard and stay as pure as you can.

  2. utesmile

    I am with you on this. I don’t believe it, it is all media stuff. Well haha I did not pay 2 outstanding bills just in case it does hapen……, but if I do wake up tomorrow , I will have to pay, but with a very hapy face. 🙂


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