Staying in Hibernation

I feel like I’ve been in hibernation for months. It seems I’m missing out on so much lately, people are talking about the elf on the shelf (the what?), one of my friends comes up and asks me if I’ve heard the newest Lady Gaga’s Christmas song (I didn’t know she had a Christmas album out). Another friend comes up to me, singing a new Taylor Swift song thinking I would know it, he said he thought I would know it since I listen to country music (I listen to everything really). I only listen to the radio to and from school. Most of the time it’s morning talk and in the afternoon the radio plays the same songs every day. Then one of our local radio DJ’s goes missing for a whole day and today one of the guys from Ghost Hunter’s goes missing; both are later to be found and are okay.

I’m clueless as to what goes on in the world; let alone what goes on around me. I’m stuck with my nose in my text books…partially. More like, my butt is stuck in a desk chair, typing stuff on the computer for school. Most class work is done on the computer these days. Most days I feel like wearing sunglasses when sitting at the computer, nevermind looking silly; so many hours staring at a bright screen gives me a headache. I rarely have time to check the internet or watch the news channel to see what’s going on.

I took two finals today; Thursday will be my last final, then I am done for this semester. I have done really well in all of my classes and have already signed up for my classes for next semester. I think I’ll finally be a sophomore. I’m so glad to be done and ready for a break.

I’m not sure if I plan on catching up with the news or keep up with the world since I’ll be getting back to work on my manuscripts. Guess I’ll just stay in hibernation and let everyone keep me informed.

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