Christmas with the family Day One

Yesterday was day one of Christmas with family. I’ll be having three days of Christmas with family this year; maybe four, not sure on the four one just yet as it’s a last minute thing. Yesterday sprung up on my quickly as I had made other plans, but it seems plans were made instead to have Christmas with my mom and step dad and two youngest sisters and their children.

I didn’t have a present wrapped since I’ve been too busy with school. I had planned on wrapping presents this coming Friday. Nevertheless, I spent a few hours wrapping their presents as neatly as I could (I’m not the best gift wrapper…I prefer gift bags 😉 ). I stuffed the stockings and placed the presents under the tree and walked away. Suddenly I heard a familiar noise from the living room; my daughter had gotten into one of the stockings. She had dumped it out and found a small tube of M&M’s and was shaking it saying candy, candy. I calmly took it from her and told her that it wasn’t hers, that she would get “candy” later; I ended up moving the stockings a little further out of her reach.

In one of my previous post I had mentioned that I like to make my gifts, I had made my mom and step dad a photo collage. My mom said she liked hers and my dad’s facial expression told me exactly what I wanted. I knew he was holding back tears. He was looking at every detail carefully and smiling. I knew he loved it!

A few months ago I had asked him for an outline of his hand; it wasn’t until veteran’s day when I was able to get it. I traced his hand on a thin napkin and used that as a stencil to trace another one on construction paper when I got home. He thought I was trying to find him a pair of gloves. He was oblivious to what I was doing. Every year he always figures out what he’s getting for Christmas, but not this year. I had asked him, “So what you surprised?” He replied that he was.


It was a nice little family Christmas gathering and I wished that we could do this more often. My family doesn’t get along together as well as we should, but this is the holidays and this is what the holidays are all about. I thank God for getting us under one roof, and allowing us to get along, to share a few hours with one another.

Next Sunday is Christmas Day two. My brother in law comes home from Air Force training and we’ll be spending Christmas with him and my youngest sister Jil. I’m happy to hear that he has passed all of his training and look forward to seeing him home for the holidays.



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