My toddler gets half her class to strip

The last couple of days have been kind of warm for December; in the mid and low seventies. Yesterday I didn’t bother putting on a jacket myself, but I’m not bothered by weather that ranges from sixty to eighty degrees. It was a little chilly yesterday morning, with a slight breeze and since my daughter has a little bit of a cold I had put a long sleeve shirt on her and a jacket. The forecast said it was supposed to be cloudy and windy all day and the temperatures were supposed to drop to the high sixties.

I thought if it was really warm her teacher at daycare wouldn’t bother putting her jacket on her; which she said she didn’t. But when I was there to pick her up that afternoon her teacher told me that my daughter had set off a stripping domino effect. I know that once my little girl gets hot, she starts to peel off her shirt and run around the house this way. I usually chase her down and just put cooler clothes on her, but she was at daycare and all she had was spare winter clothes as it has been cold until these past few days.

Her teacher told me they were all out on the playground and my daughter pulled her shirt off and took off running. A few moments later four kids in her class had done the same thing. She has eighteen kids in her class and two teachers. I could imagine this setting off a larger chain reaction.

I just stood there biting my lip, holding in a snicker, trying not to smirk. I thought it was funny and cute. I didn’t know if the teacher was trying not to smile or if she was stressed. I can imagine her job is pretty tough handling eighteen kids, but also trying to keep up with my little one. She always has something new to tell me every day. Sometimes I feel like saying, “Uh oh!” And other times I just want to burst out laughing, saying, “Yep, that is so me right there when I was her age.”

4 thoughts on “My toddler gets half her class to strip

  1. babydot74

    LOL, that is hilarious! Picturing a bunch of little kids running around and shedding their clothes is very entertaining. My toddler does the same, too, with his pants mainly because he lacks a butt to keep up his jeans so they just slide down his butt. Haha.


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