Homemade presents for Christmas

Sometimes having a big family is a great thing, but during the holidays it can hurt your pockets. A friend introduced Pinterest to me and now I found many more crafty and creative ideas for Christmas. I mostly make my Christmas presents for the adults and buy a present for each kid; I have five nephews and one niece. To me, there’s nothing more valuable than something that is handmade. It is made from the heart; with love.

A few years ago, I made all the girls, and some of the guys, jewelry. I even made a few book-markers using my grandmother’s embroidery machine. I cannot remember what I did last year, as too much happened during Christmas.

This year I am make photo collages. I made one for my dad and showed it to my mother; she told me that he would love it. Since she’s been begging for pictures of the grand-kids, I made her one as well. My youngest sister, Jil, saw what I had done and now she wants me to do one for her of her with her husband, and her with her daughter. It’s relatively inexpensive for me since I already have most of the supplies here at home; stamps with colored ink, stickers, construction paper, and several unused photo frames.

Jil had asked me what Pinterest was and I told her, it’s a place where everyone post their creative ideas, recipes, photographs, or whatever else. I think it’s a nifty idea. I mean what a better what to search for something on there instead of searching page after page on the internet and still not coming up with what you’re looking for. It’s like an internet Rolodex with pictures.

Have you ever heard of it? Do you use it?

12 thoughts on “Homemade presents for Christmas

  1. utesmile

    I am on pinterest too, an dlove the beautiful photos there, but also Ilike to find new witty and inspirational quotes. I never thought it as a idea hub. What a great idea. Do you post your ideas on it? Let me know how I can find you there, please Thank you Ute.x

    1. jennnadams Post author

      I have a follow me pinterest button, but you can find me as jraven79 I think. http://pinterest.com/jraven79/ I’ve posted a few of my ideas. After Christmas I’ll post my photo collages that I did for my family. In a few days I’ll post pictures and a recipe of a cookie that I’m always asked to make called ‘Kiss Cookies’. Do you have a follow me Pinterest button on your blog page?

      1. utesmile

        Thanks I will have a look, I don’t have a button nor for my twitter, I don’t know how to do it really , but I would like one, can you help me? Please ?

      2. jennnadams Post author

        Okay first, go to your dashboard, then appearance, then to widgets. You drag the twitter box over to the Primary Widget Area. Next, for the Pinterest button you’ll have to use the box that says ‘Text’. Drag that over. It’ll pop open and you’ll have to enter a text into it. You have to go to your Pinterest, click on About, then Pin It button, scroll down to where it says “Follow Button” for Websites. You want to copy that highlighted text in the bar, come back to the text box and click paste, paste that highlight text you just copied into the text box, then click save. Let me know if get it to work for you. 🙂

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