Christmas tree, O Christmas tree…


The time came to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house in holiday cheer. I brought in containers full of Grandma’s Christmas decorations from the back porch. As she was in the kitchen deciding on which wreath to hang, I was in the living room trying my best to fluff the artificial tree. My daughter comes into the living room and stops at the end of the couch to see what I’m doing.

She gasps, then says with excitement, “Wow! Pretty tree!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute that was. “Yes baby, pretty Christmas tree. Want to help me decorate it?” I asked her.

She calmly walked over to me as I handed her a plastic ornament ball. I lifted her up, stood her on the coffee table that sits in front of the tree, and helped her hang the ornament. This was too exciting to her, she was really enjoying herself. She stayed to help me hang five more. Those were the only ornaments I could find that wasn’t glass.

Grandma hung all the wreaths she found outside, as well as a few big red bows. We dug through the containers, finding Santa’s, reindeer, and a little glass nativity scene that has come to be my favorite. I guess Grandma and I had spread our holiday spirit onto my daughter as she had brought us some red and green garland from my bedroom. She had seen it in there days prior and I told her it was to decorate the house with for Christmas. I decided to go ahead and hang it up around the tree.

I picked my daughter up and held her in my arms. I stepped back a few feet to admire our tree. “How does it look?” I ask her.

“Pretty,” she replies, smiling up at the tree with its lights all aglow.

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