Crazy weather we’re having

It’s beginning to look a lot like…well, it feels more like spring than it does winter. My youngest sister says that it feels like Florida and I could not agree with her more. I remember swimming in the ocean one Christmas Day, when we were living in Key West many years ago. I bet if the ocean were nearby, she and I would have definitely been there yesterday as warm as it was. The temp on my car read 76*F and I actually put on a jacket before I left the house too. I had that jacket peeled off by the time I reached my car though.

I actually wouldn’t mind having some cold weather right now. Give me a reason for wearing long sleeved clothes. My daughter has plenty of winter clothes she could be wearing right now…if it were actually cold enough; and they’re cute outfits too.

Last year was a mild winter also, but the year before that we had many record breaking snowfalls in this state. So, why do we have snow one year and warm winters the next few years? I’ve did a little research and found that La Nina and unusual jet stream patterns is to blame. Global warming can’t be blamed here.

It seems that Arkansas isn’t the only state getting record temps, actually the US isn’t just getting record temps, it’s happening all over the globe.

It’s 72*F at 1:06 PM CST on 2 Dec 2012 What’s the Temp where you are?

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