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A White Christmas not so Merry

Almost everyone dreams of having a white Christmas. Somehow it makes it seem more magical … somehow. It was the first time since the 1960’s that it snowed here on Christmas Day. It started with rain that turned into sleet, then like a flip of a switch it turned into snow. Big, white flakes fell fast to the ground. It was mesmerizing, standing at the kitchen window watching them fall. In no time there was a large white blanket, several inches thick covering the ground. It looked beautiful.

It was around 9PM when I started hearing trees snapping outside. I looked out the window to see our giant Magnolia tree in front of our house had split; limbs had fallen all around it, blocking the driveway and also landing on the wheelchair ramp.

Almost another hour had elapsed when another limb had fallen, hitting the garage and also landing on a power line. It knocked part of the house electricity out and also taking the phone line, TV, and internet out as well. Within a few hours we lost electricity throughout the whole house.

Several thousand people were experiencing the same problems that night, some were even worse. About half of us got our electricity back on, while there are those still without power. My daughter, my grandmother, and I camped out in our living room trying to stay warm as best as we could since Christmas night until yesterday.

A person never knows how many comforts they have in their life, until they lose those comforts. Take away the heater during the winter time, hot water to cook and bathe with, and a means of cooking a hot meal … well, I became irritable. I was mostly worried about my daughter who wasn’t eating anything because it wasn’t cooked. She didn’t want any more junk food to snack on, she wanted a hot meal. I didn’t blame her; I wanted something hot to eat too.

I can admit one thing; we were well rested these past few days as that was all there was to do was sleep. We read during the few hours it was light out, as it tends to get dark really early, then laid around under a pile of blankets, snoozing the rest of the time.

Crews are still out working, trying to get the power back on for those still without. Our forecast calls for more wintry weather next week. I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be so bad. I just hope everyone has a way to stay warm during this tough time.


Christmas Eve Goodies

Every year on Christmas Eve I bake a bunch of goodies and I or Gram’s delivers them to the local Hospice House and our local Fire Department. It’s our Christmas tradition…in a way. Both places hold a place close to our heart. The Hospice House was where my grandpa and many of our relatives had spent in their times of sickness, before they eventually passed away. The local Fire Department, well, my grandpa and two other guys had formed the Bryant Fire Dept in 1973. Grandpa eventually retired from the Fire Dept in 1997. The Fire Dept also came out and built a wheelchair ramp for my grandpa after he suffered from a series of strokes. Both places are employed by some really sweet people.

The Hospice House takes in home baked meals and goodies for the families that are visiting with their sick loved ones. During those times they would rather remain close to their loved ones instead of going home to cook dinner.

I have found a website that has some great recipes, crafts, and other things. They even have a facebook and twitter. I love peanut butter and chocolate…two things that go great together! I found this recipe on their website for these peanut butter bon bons…I’ve been searching for this recipe and finally found a good one! I think I’ve eaten several dozen of these things growing up.

Here’s their website:

And here’s a link to find those yummy peanut butter bon bons:

I’ll list more recipes later.

Awards, awards, awards…

It’s been a crazy, hectic, busy past few weeks. And in those past few weeks I’ve received quite a few awards. Now, that I have a few minutes to myself, I am going to try and catch up with these awards and post them all at once.

Blog of the Year 2012 Award:

I have three nominations for ‘Blog of the Year 2012’. My thanks go out to , , ,

Thanks to you four ladies I now have all 6 stars!

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For this award I choose:


Versatile Blogger Award:

This is the first time I’ve received this award. Thank you for this award! I know that she has been cliff diving and is Greek.

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The hardest part is picking 15 blogs to award as there are many great blogs out there.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Thank you, for this award! I truly enjoy reading her post about life, love, music, and some of the little pictures she has on her blog makes me smile.

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

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Now for seven things about myself.

  1. I’m not much of a cake person, but I am a pie person; I love pie!
  2. I’m ambidextrous. I can write with both hands…legibly. I do a lot of things left handed and vice versa.
  3. I love video games….bought my daughter and I a new Xbox 360 Kinect. I have an Xbox and a PS2, but am using the new Xbox a lot now.
  4. Even though I was born in Arkansas, I’m not a true southerner…I don’t like cole slaw and catfish. I don’t hunt. I don’t have a thick southern accent. I don’t say ya’ll and fixin’. I think this has a lot to do with me being a military brat and growing up all over the states.
  5. I can actually work on my car…change the oil, spark plugs, brake pads, tires. My step-dad worked on cars a lot when I was growing up, so I learned quite a lot about cars.
  6. I hate coconut! Just can’t stand the taste and how it sticks to my teeth.
  7. I have a new craze for steampunk and am working on assembling my next Halloween costume for 2013.

One of My Sister’s Graduates College

This past Thursday I attended my sister Jessica’s graduation. Though I’ve been to college and have graduated, it wasn’t a University, nor did I attend my graduation. I was in a small class of five and I didn’t wish to be the only one showing up just to receive my diploma. Instead, I had my diploma mailed to me.

My sister’s ceremony was amazing and interesting. It was somewhat like a High School graduation, but with added extras. The teachers dressed in cap and gowns, marched before and after the students. A person banged a staffed on the stage floor, calling the graduation ceremony to begin, then later did the same for it to end. There was an Honorary Degree Recipient; half the crowd gave her a standing ovation…of course I stood and applauded. She worked for civil rights and social change, something that I hold close to my heart, among many things.

When my sister’s name was called, we cheered and clapped for her. We’re so proud of her and her achievements! Nine years, she said it took her to get her diploma. I’m well on my way as well; a year down with three semesters done. I need a total of 65 credit hours to get my Associates Degree; I have already lost count as to how many credit hours I’ve already obtained thus far, but I will continue my education like she did until I receive my diploma or degree.

Stop over at her blog page and leave her a comment or two. She’s a writer like myself and is working on writing a book.

Lost Christmas Spirit Found

My Christmas spirit had almost vanished, diluted by words/ gestures that outcast me once again as the “black sheep” of the family, or actually, to say that I wasn’t family at all. My grandmother says that she wishes for all of us to get along, that it’s the Christmas season and family, all of us, should be together no matter who thinks what of whom. I tend to agree, but sadly, that won’t happen in my family. When my grandfather passed away two years ago, it made it that much easier for everyone to go their separate ways and do their own thing.

I try not to let it bother me, but knowing why I’ve become pushed aside in such a way has me irritated that I began festering about it all day yesterday and all of this morning. I had planned to work on my manuscript today, but I could only stare at the screen as my mind drifted off and I began to fester some more.

About an hour ago the doorbell rang; grandma and my daughter had answered it as I was sitting in my room. I heard singing … Christmas songs. I jumped up from where I was sitting and ran to the door … literally … my grandmother’s church sent Christmas caroler’s to sing to us … the youth group.

I felt like the Grinch, whose heart grew three sizes and whose grin beamed from ear to ear. My heart had softened and I didn’t think about anything but my favorite holiday, Christmas. I picked up my daughter and quietly sung along with the caroler’s, smiling the entire time. It was something that I really needed to cheer me up and it worked!

Stay calm and…Santa!!!

Today, Santa visited the daycare where my daughter attends. I spent some time at daycare with her today and got to see first hand how the first few hours of their day goes. WOW! Exhausting! I did have fun though and some of the other kids seem to enjoy me being there. I got to play toys and read a few books to them. Then my daughter and I colored.

One of the ladies from the office came to my daughter’s  class room and said it was time for her class to go meet Santa. I could tell my daughter was excited as she grabbed my hand and was tugging on it, trying to get us out the door quicker. All the kids in her class held hands and walked quietly down the hall; my daughter was holding my hand the whole time.

When we rounded the corner a few teachers were blocking the kids view, so they didn’t see Santa right away. All the kids in my daughter’s class were asked to sit along the wall so that they could wait their turn in line to visit with Santa. Santa was already chatting with one little boy and they were getting their pictures taken.

Finally the teachers moved and the kids saw Santa, including my daughter. She let go of my hand and took off running toward Santa with a huge grin on her face. “Santa!!” she was calling out.

Everyone thought it was cute. She was trying to crawl up into his already occupied lap. The other kids had to be asked to go up there, some kids had a hard time even approaching Santa. Not my child! She was excited and ready to see the jolly man!!

This picture (found on Pinterest) of Will Farrell from Elf reminds me of her just then!


The End of the Mayan’s World, Not Ours

I love reading post about how ‘The World is Going to End on 21 Dec 2012’. Honestly, I don’t believe in that…that’s my “opinion” and I’m sticking to it.

There are just too many “glitches” in the whole ‘Mayan Prophecy’. How could you believe in a race that couldn’t foresee their demise? According to, “Scholars find the Mayan hieroglyphics too complex to even understand.” If the Mayan Calendar was even read correctly, maybe the Mayan’s stopped at 21 December 2012 for many reasons. One, the surrounding tribes were at war with one another. Two, they stonemason that carved the Mayan calendar died and no one wanted to begin working on another calendar stone. Three, as soon as the stone was done, they all died. Four, maybe the Mayan calendar just stops at 21 December 2012 like ours stops at 31 December each year. Who knows? What is known is that they were good at math and astrology, they just sucked at predictions.

A few of my friends have said they were going to wake up in the morning, run outside in their underwear, screaming, “I’m alive, the world didn’t end!” I told them they need to film it and make sure they get their neighbors reactions too so we could all have a good laugh.

But on the not so funny part will be the endless list of crazy or stupid things that will keep the news people busy for days. I’m not sure if I even want to turn my TV on that day or the next. 

Too Much Stress Made Me Crash

The week of my finals had me stressed to the limits. I had stayed up late studying, got up early and fixed mine and my daughter’s breakfast, took her to daycare, then either went to school myself if I had class or went to the library to study some more. The day before my biology final I spent the entire day studying…mostly. There was just too much material to thumb through honestly and none of us knew what was going to be on the final.

That night I didn’t sleep very well, thoughts of germs and bacteria and dissections were some of the things that were running through my mind. I tossed and turned until I heard the alarm clock go off. I knew my blood pressure was up because I didn’t feel too well. I had a headache and I felt sick to my stomach. I’ve taken quite a few college finals before, but I’ve never stared at a test like I was staring at this one and felt the urge to throw up. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then released, and began taking my test.

After I was done I felt a little better. I was more confident that I passed. Some of the questions were like déjà vu from previous test. It was easier than I thought it would be. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. My headache went away and I felt more relaxed. It wasn’t until a few days later when I got my grade that I saw that I made an A…in the class. I was impressed. The entire semester I was stressing out, thinking that I wasn’t going to pass or that I was at least going to get a C. Well, I wouldn’t mind getting a C.

Thursday was my biology final, then Sunday was Christmas with my sister and brother in law. I hadn’t wrapped a thing! Not to mention shopped for food! I had planned on making her a picture collage as well, but I had not had the time to go through her CDs she gave me to pick out pictures, not to mention getting the pictures developed for the project once I pick out which pictures I like on her CDs; I was able to get this accomplished on Saturday and the photo collage finished by Saturday night.

Come Monday, I was exhausted. Though I had a list of things that I had planned to do, I had dropped Dublin off at daycare, came home and took a nap. I did not wake up until it was time to pick her up. I took a short nap yesterday, but today I feel more caught up and ready to roll.

Living the Spirit of My Grandfather

As I was putting my daughter in her car seat this morning I heard a familiar sound, faint in the distance. I paused and looked at my daughter, then said, “Did you hear that?” She looked at me curiously. I smiled then helped answer her curiosity, “I heard a train!” I suddenly had the spirit of my grandfather with me.

I was about the same age as my daughter is now when he would hear a train whistle blowing in the distance and get the same smile I was giving my daughter just then. “Want to go see the train passing by?” I asked with excitement. “Train?” she replied with a smile. I finish buckling her into her car seat, then buckle myself into my seat and pointed the car towards the train tracks.

Grandpa would carry me the three short blocks, from the house, to where the train tracks are. He had a fascination with trains. When we got to the tracks he would always count the engines and then count the cars. When the caboose passed by, we would leave.

I drove the three blocks down to the tracks, but didn’t see the train. I turned left and drove all the way down to the dead end and turned around. I continued on that street paralleled to the tracks, not seeing a train, nor hearing a train whistle; I guess it must have already passed through.

Even though they stopped adding the caboose years ago, but it’s still a habit to count the cars each time I’m stopped in front of a passing train.

Missing Furbaby

The other day I found something interesting within the contents of our mail. On the way to the house, from the mailbox, I always have the mail sorted, which letter, bill, or junk mail goes to whom. What was interesting was a piece of paper that had a picture of a cat and on the bottom it said missing and listed two phone numbers. 

Not a lot of people know this, but it is against the law to place unsolicited mail in people’s mailboxes, especially when there’s mail contained in the mailboxes; when there’s mail in the mailbox, it becomes a federal offense. 

However, I’m a animal lover and can understand the extent they would go to finding their missing family member. I just wished they would’ve found a better means than putting their missing flyers in the mailbox, they may not find another person as nice as me that would brush off how they just broke the law. Not to mention, I just so happened to have seen this person’s furbaby no less than a week ago…twice in two days.

I called one of the phone numbers and the guy on the other end first panicked, asking if I had his cat, to which I sadly said no, but had seen it. By the end of the phone call, I found out that the cat is a she and that she had wondered across a busy street and down a few blocks, so she’s not too far from home. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled though in hopes to find her and reunite her with her human family.