Somewhat a lottery winner

Yesterday was the first time I purchased a lottery ticket. I bought four scratch tickets to go along with my lottery ticket just for a little fun. I, like many, wanted to win that large jackpot, to be a part of the somewhat rich and the fifteen minutes of famous.

Several ideas of what I would do with that money popped into my mind. I wouldn’t need much, just a nice little house for my daughter and me; nothing big or fancy. I don’t need a new car as I already have one. I could put money in a savings account for my lil girl as a way to start her a college fund, then put the rest in the bank for me.

I rarely gamble and hardly ever buy lottery tickets. It’s just something that doesn’t lure my interest. It’s like throwing away money if you lose. I’ve been lucky a few times that I have gone to casinos and have been unlucky a few other times. All and all I can count on one hand the times I’ve gambled, the times that I’ve bought scratch tickets, and the times that I’ve gone to the casino.

I went home anticipating the draw of the powerball numbers; in the meantime I had homework to do. Time had flown because by the time I looked at the clock it was already pass 10 o’clock PM; I had missed the powerball draw on TV. No worries, I found the numbers off the local news station website since they keep up with such matters. I didn’t even have one number right. Then I remember I had scratch tickets. I scratched all four of them; two were winners. I ended up winning back all of my money that I had used to purchase my powerball ticket and scratch tickets. In a small way, I’m sort of a winner. It’s like I played for free.

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