Computer dissecting in Biology

Two weeks ago, I went to Biology class hoping I would be dissecting…something. My lab sheet for that week had diagrams drawn for a clam, frog, crayfish, cow eye, and a rat. Sounds gross, I know. It started to take me back to the tenth grade. I can still remember my group of girlfriends and I crushing on our Science teacher, Mr. Nash; isn’t that just like teenage girls? We would send notes back and forth, even though we all sat at the same table. We would gossip about the latest things, or mostly gossip about Mr. Nash’s hair, his smile, then giggle.

We weren’t paying attention to what Mr. Nash was saying; we should have. He came around to each table, passing out what looked like a baking pan with this wax stuff inside of it about an inch thick. One of us asked what it was for and he said, “This is the tray you’re going to use to dissect your frog on.” There weren’t any giggles, more like a few gulps and a few ewws. I snarled up my nose, thinking this is going to be so disgusting! It actually turned out to be quite fun! A couple of girls got sick, not from my table.

I sat there, reminiscing about those days back in high school, but my college teacher pointed to the ‘white board’, which read something about googeling our dissections anatomy on the internet. I was kind of bummed, but elated at the same time. I know I wouldn’t have a hard time dissecting clams, crayfish, and eyes. I wouldn’t have a problem dissecting a frog. There may be a problem with the rats. That’s where I would say, “Eww!” I’m not scared of them, just don’t prefer them is all. Mice are cute, I don’t mind them. I just don’t like rats.

Yesterday, I spent several hours trying to find pictures that even came close to the diagrams given to us on the lab sheets.The eye was a piece of cake, as I already knew most of it. The clam and crayfish were pretty simple, but the frog was a little tough. I’m still missing a few key terms as the diagram looks computer drawn, compared to the images I’m looking at on the internet. Some of the organs looks inaccurate, or out of place. Maybe dissection would’ve been a lot easier, tough we only have a few weeks left of school and this class is only a once a week class.

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