Another Black Friday shopping story

I was curiously looking through the Black Friday ads when my eye caught something I’ve wanted to get for a while now. An Xbox and a Kinect, except it was being sold as a single console, an Xbox Kinect. I had already told my sister Jaci last year that I wasn’t going to do Black Friday again. People just get too crazy over sale items. I got ran into countless times with a buggy, I got elbowed from two people fighting over an item; I was just walking by, trying to make it to the registers. I couldn’t believe how rude people were being to one another. This one lady kept pushing me, from behind, with her buggy, I couldn’t move because of the crowd of people in front of me; we were in somewhat of a line for a register. I finally turned around and told her to knock it off, I can’t possibly move up any further. She just gave me a hateful look, and then said she was trying to get to the check out. I said, so are all these other people standing in front of us.

I kept staring at the sale paper, the time of the sale in big bold letters. It was like a giant beacon, shouting out at me. Finally, I looked at my watch and saw that I had two and a half hours before the sale started. It was just one item, I told myself, that’s all I needed. No buggy intended this time. I could walk around everyone else who has a buggy.

I asked Gram’s if she could watch mini me and of course she could, then I was off to Target. I’m such a procrastinator. I stopped at Starbucks and got myself a coffee as a just in case, I didn’t know how long I was going to be standing in line outside. I was pleased to see there were plenty of parking spots available and the line was very short. There must have been twenty people in front of me when I showed up. I sat down on the sidewalk, drank my coffee, and looked at the rest of the sale paper.

Suddenly it began to rain. Great! I looked at my watch and saw I had a whole hour left before the doors opened, I’ll be soaked, but I’ll get my one item. I watched as more and more people started to show up, then Target employees came by with maps, showing where the sale items were located. This thoroughly impressed me, really it did! Walmart has nothing on this at all! Walmart is so unorganized and so badly managed, I could see why it’s such a cluster!

There were policemen standing guard telling us to calmly walk inside, no running, and no pushing. All the items were unwrapped and stacked neatly here and there where people could get to them. Buggies where placed throughout the store, another useful tip.

I briskly walked back to where the map said my Xbox Kinect would be and picked it up. I also picked out a few kids games and proceeded towards to check out. Hey, I didn’t just get it for me, I got it for my daughter to play with to, well when she gets a little bit older.

What shocked me when I got to the registers was that there were no lines, no waiting, did I mention no lines? I was the first person to check out! Everything was well organized; there was no craziness, no fighting, and no arguing. I’m not sure if this means I’m going to do this next year or not, well, certainly not shopping at Walmart on Black Friday.

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