Biology project and power outages

Yesterday I was going to blog about a project I was working on in Biology, but the electricity was out for most of the day. I had stayed up late working on my Biology project, I have two, both due on the same day. Both of them having to do with food. The first project requires me to record a weeks worth of food, everything that I consume, food and drink, from the time that I get up, to the time I go to bed. Then, go to a website and enter the information. The website then gives me a list of information, such as calories, sodium, protein, percentage of grains, vegetables, fruit, etc. I’m to take that information to another website for it to total it up for my project. After I have all this done, I’m to write at least a two page report talking about what I thought about this project, what I got out of it, and my conclusion.

The second project I have to work on, is to eat out at five different fast food restaurants. The first project I really enjoyed and was very easy, but this project doesn’t sound too pleasing to me at all. I don’t mind eating fast food now and then, but having to do this for a school project? I’m surrounded by every fast food restaurant imaginable, but not all of them has a list of healthy food on their menu.

Going back to the one website, I added the list of food I ate that day and was depressed by the numbers staring back at me from the computer screen. I had went over the sodium levels, the empty calories, the saturated fats, the daily calorie intake. It’s amazing what eating fast food will do to a person. I could not imagine eating fast food on a daily basis.

I looked at the clock which read twenty minutes after midnight. I printed out part of my homework and set it aside to finish the next day, which would be Sunday. I got up Sunday morning and got my daughter and I ready to go to the store. My grandmother went off to church. I wasn’t in Walmart for ten minutes when the power went out. I continued to shop thinking the power would come back on, but a lady had came down the aisle telling us that everyone is being forced to leave.

I didn’t have but two items in my hand, but checked out anyway. I texted a friend as soon as I got to my car and told him about the power outage. He texted me back saying that my county has about 7000 people without power all due to the weather. It was really windy out and was sprinkling. It didn’t rain until later that night. I ended up driving to the Walmart in the next town over and picking up McDonald’s on the way home. My house was really dark when we got home. The power was out for almost five hours.

We have a small battery powered lantern, some flashlights, and some hurricane lamps, but I’m thinking about investing in more battery powered lamps and stocking up on batteries. With winter quickly approaching, I’m sure we’ll have more power outages in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “Biology project and power outages

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    1. jennnadams Post author

      Lol! Yes, you are correct, it is Jenn N. Adams 🙂 I couldn’t get it to capitalize the ‘N’. Thank you so much for the comment and for following. I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts as I do writing them. 🙂


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