Visiting the President’s Library in Little Rock

ImageThis past Friday my friend Steaven and I went to the Clinton Presidential library. We took the guided tour and walked around the library learning a little history about the 42nd President. It was an educational experience, as I learned things I did not know about Bill Clinton and I relearned things that I already knew about the Presidency. Some of the things I had just recently learned in my History class at school. Things about the cabinets, the Department of Defense and the fact that the President himself cannot send us to war, the Department of Defense does. I usually get people that want to argue that last sentence, I always finish off with, “go read the US Constitution, it’s there in black and white.”

We finished off the tour by dining in the cafe they have in the basement. The prices are nice, but the meal was oh so good. We even tried the deserts. Let me just say, if you’ve never had tiramisu cheesecake, you need to try it. It is mmm mmm good!! Image

Steaven and I are thinking about making a History trip each Friday. He jokes and says, “you like this History stuff don’t you.” I laugh and tell him that History is like a drug, it’s like I can’t get enough.

Tomorrow is Election Day

One of the many reasons why I don’t like to talk about politics, nor write about them. Everyone has their own opinion about whom they like and whom they don’t like. Same goes for myself. Normally that person I’m talking to doesn’t have the same ideas as I do on politics, so I don’t disclose any political opinions around them.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the ER at the Veteran’s hospital trying to get meds for the horrible chest cold I was having when a guy thought he would start a conversation with me, one with which I always try to avoid. He first asked me about the Red Sox, he happened to notice the Red Sox T-shirt I was wearing and asked how they were doing. I knew already the guy didn’t follow baseball the Tigers and Giants were getting ready to go to the World Series. So I told him that. He replied that he doesn’t follow baseball but he follows politics and asked if I was ready for Obama to leave to White House. I gave him a look, like ‘Really? You’re going to start a conversation on this?’ I finally pissed the guy off.

I had gotten my vitals taken and went back to sit in the waiting room. I noticed it had filled up again. I also noticed this guy was making his rounds to each individual, asking if they were ready for Obama to leave the White House. I thought, this guy must be hurting for attention. This is the ER, people here already don’t feel good and he’s making them feel even worse by talking about the economy, unemployment, and all kinds of stuff. I do know one thing, he was making more people angrier than he was making friends.

I’m not going to disclose on whom I’m going to vote for or who I like or dislike. But I will tell you that tomorrow is time for us to go and cast our votes. It does count.

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