Happy Halloween

My daughter and I will be going out trick or treating with her cousins tonight, as we have done the pass few years. Mom and dad stays home and passes out the candy, while my brother and his wife, and two of my three sisters and I walk our kids around the growing neighborhood with our of children. I have five nephews and one niece, ages six months to eight years. My daughter is second to the youngest. It’s all great fun to see them running door to door, hyped up on sugar. But by the time they get home, the sugar has worn off and it’s peaceful dreams, at least for me it is.

I always make little gift bags for all of my nephews and niece. Making sure the boys each have the same things so as not to ensue a fight because so and so has something cooler and they wanted that instead. Normally the gift bags have candy, of course, but I always put those glow bracelets in there. There are parts of our neighborhood where we walk that tends to be a bit dark and the boys love to run off on us. It’s easy to spot them in a distance, just look for the glowing rings up and down their arms.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween or a blessed Samhain.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

    1. jennnadams Post author

      I put them in the trick or treat bowl too..trick or treater’s love them and parents also say they never think of it either. But I usually wait til the day after Halloween to buy that many. Happy Halloween to you and your family! 🙂


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