Kids and mudpuddles

Every time it rains it never fails that when I pick my daughter up from daycare, her clothes will be soaked. Her teacher tells me she has a knack for finding water. They can’t get to the toys fast enough to drain them of the rain water or towel them off before my daughter finds it first. I’m told she’s either feet first jumping in it, splashing or patting up as the water splashes all around. No matter, she’s still getting soaked. It’s a good thing I send her to daycare with fresh clothes as a just in case. I guess I must’ve planned ahead. But what child doesn’t like splashing in mud puddles? It’s fun, right? Well, for them it is.

I stood there smiling, holding in a laugh as her teacher was telling me this and also how she like to play in the toilet bowl water. She isn’t the only child that does that either. My first thought, was ‘ah nasty!’ Well, their toilets are down to their level and only have seats, no lids, so it isn’t like you can put the lids down like I do here at home. A thing that they could do to keep them from getting into the bathroom is to put a lock on the door so they can’t reach it to open it, or put one of those door knob covers on the door. I have those all over the house.

It hasn’t rained today nor last night and I got the laundry all caught up. Crossing my fingers that lil miss comes home in dry clothes today.

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