Manuscript still incomplete

My manuscript still sits on my desk at home, awaiting on me to finish editing its last few chapters. In the meantime I’ve been caught up in school, class work, studying, and preparing for Halloween festivities that I haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to finish my manuscript. The last chapter requires the most attention as I need to add here and there as I had rushed it just to finish it.

I open my wordpress and read other blogs to see how to better my novel and it reminds me once again of my manuscript. It’s like my conscience talking to me; something that constantly nags at me to do something until it’s done.

I’ve noticed that when school started I’ve had plenty of time to work on it, and I have. Adding over 10K words and then some. And now that school is about half way through the semester us students are found busier with more work and studying, preparing for our finals.

I have another month and a half until this semester ends, then I’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on my manuscipt.

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