Dublin Tug-of-War

My daughter has what I would call a silly hat since her first Birthday/Christmas. I call it Birthday/Christmas as her birthday is three days before Christmas. I have her birthday a little early and celebrate Christmas on its regular date. She received two silly hats, a fleece hat with these fuzzy balls on top, and side ear muffs with dangly strings; one was solid pink and the other was white with pink flowers.

That winter we had many snow storms that continuously came our way. So she had gotten many uses out of both of those hats. I would take her outside to play in the snow, dressed in several layers in hopes that she wouldn’t get sick; she didn’t.  She started to grow fond of her hat being on her head; each time I took it off she would get upset. After the winter went away and was followed by spring, then summer, she had forgotten about that hat.

Several months later when she started going through her phase of cleaning out her dresser, she found her hat. She came running into the living room, donning her silly hat and a huge grin. I noticed it was a bit snug, but I let her wear it. The second winter was too hot and I was really upset she didn’t get to wear any new winter clothes that she got for her birthday. She didn’t get a new hat, but she did get a new coat that would last her till this coming winter.

Finally, after seeing her wear the small hat, I decided to buy her a new one. There were too many choices, but she loves the one she has. She reminds me of the little girl on Despicable Me that wears the pink hat all the time, even during her ballet performance.

She wanted to wear her silly hat yesterday morning and since it was chilly out, I said why not. When I dropped her off at her daycare, a handful of kids that were already there had flocked to her. They began pulling on her side strings, tugging her in different directions. The teachers were telling them to stop, but the children weren’t listening. I took that opportunity to use my mom voice, (much louder than my normal quiet soft voice) saying ‘guys, stop, she’s not a pull toy’. They looked at me and ran in different directions. She came to me for comfort.

Later when I went to pick her up, I asked her teacher how long her silly hat lasted on her head and was told not long. She had to take it off as the other kids kept pulling on it after I left. 😦 Going to have to rethink of another hat for her to wear just to daycare come winter time. Hope she won’t mind wearing a plain one. She can wear her silly one around the house and out to town.


6 thoughts on “Dublin Tug-of-War

    1. jennnadams Post author

      Thank you! There were too many choices for her to pick just one lol! But she liked that one the most. It’s interesting that she likes things like this. I think she gets it from me. I think the other kids may have wanted one too lol!

    1. jennnadams Post author

      Thank you for following!! You’re girls are precious! I baked my daughter her own cake, had her in her diaper only and let her dig in. I had a cake for everyone else. She had fun!


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