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Happy Halloween

My daughter and I will be going out trick or treating with her cousins tonight, as we have done the pass few years. Mom and dad stays home and passes out the candy, while my brother and his wife, and two of my three sisters and I walk our kids around the growing neighborhood with our of children. I have five nephews and one niece, ages six months to eight years. My daughter is second to the youngest. It’s all great fun to see them running door to door, hyped up on sugar. But by the time they get home, the sugar has worn off and it’s peaceful dreams, at least for me it is.

I always make little gift bags for all of my nephews and niece. Making sure the boys each have the same things so as not to ensue a fight because so and so has something cooler and they wanted that instead. Normally the gift bags have candy, of course, but I always put those glow bracelets in there. There are parts of our neighborhood where we walk that tends to be a bit dark and the boys love to run off on us. It’s easy to spot them in a distance, just look for the glowing rings up and down their arms.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween or a blessed Samhain.


Kids and mudpuddles

Every time it rains it never fails that when I pick my daughter up from daycare, her clothes will be soaked. Her teacher tells me she has a knack for finding water. They can’t get to the toys fast enough to drain them of the rain water or towel them off before my daughter finds it first. I’m told she’s either feet first jumping in it, splashing or patting up as the water splashes all around. No matter, she’s still getting soaked. It’s a good thing I send her to daycare with fresh clothes as a just in case. I guess I must’ve planned ahead. But what child doesn’t like splashing in mud puddles? It’s fun, right? Well, for them it is.

I stood there smiling, holding in a laugh as her teacher was telling me this and also how she like to play in the toilet bowl water. She isn’t the only child that does that either. My first thought, was ‘ah nasty!’ Well, their toilets are down to their level and only have seats, no lids, so it isn’t like you can put the lids down like I do here at home. A thing that they could do to keep them from getting into the bathroom is to put a lock on the door so they can’t reach it to open it, or put one of those door knob covers on the door. I have those all over the house.

It hasn’t rained today nor last night and I got the laundry all caught up. Crossing my fingers that lil miss comes home in dry clothes today.

Manuscript still incomplete

My manuscript still sits on my desk at home, awaiting on me to finish editing its last few chapters. In the meantime I’ve been caught up in school, class work, studying, and preparing for Halloween festivities that I haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to finish my manuscript. The last chapter requires the most attention as I need to add here and there as I had rushed it just to finish it.

I open my wordpress and read other blogs to see how to better my novel and it reminds me once again of my manuscript. It’s like my conscience talking to me; something that constantly nags at me to do something until it’s done.

I’ve noticed that when school started I’ve had plenty of time to work on it, and I have. Adding over 10K words and then some. And now that school is about half way through the semester us students are found busier with more work and studying, preparing for our finals.

I have another month and a half until this semester ends, then I’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on my manuscipt.

Spook City was a blast

I put my daughter down for her nap and started getting things laid out for the Spook City event; costumes, face paints, Halloween gift bags for my niece and nephew, and glow bracelets. I put my shoes by the couch and checked the diaper bag to see if it had enough essentials in it…oh and her sippy cup too! I also placed the camera and my wallet in there as well, as I wouldn’t be carrying my purse.

I painted my nails, then about an hour later I began putting make up on my face. I only needed to shade Imagemy eyes as I was only going to be wearing a mask. Then I got an idea to draw something neat looking around my chin. I had a grease make up pen and drew curly lines to look like a tribal beard tattoo. I looked really interesting.

My sister and her daughter had arrived and started getting ready, and my daughter was up from her nap and I was getting her ready. Then we were all in the car and headed down the road to Benton. We arrived about an hour earlier than the event started, so I was super excited to get a really good parking spot.

We all visited with one another before sending the kids off with my Mother and my youngest sister. I sat with my dad and watched my sister pass out candy, until he mentioned something about antique cars. That’s something he and I have always had in common. We both love classic cars and hot rods.

It wasn’t about thirty minutes later when we ran into my Mother and the kids. She had said something about camel rides. I asked the kids if they wanted to ride a camel, of course I didn’t have to twist any arms. My nephew rode with my niece and I had my daughter ride with me, who couldn’t stop giggling. I was pleased she was enjoying herself, that’s all I ever ask for.

After the camel ride I went back with dad, while Mother and my youngest sister went off with the kids. My other sister and I decided to trade places passing out candy. Once I started to pass out candy it was like a horde of people came up and the line wouldn’t die down. I did however, on a few occasions, scare a few kids because of my costume. I kindly apologize to the parents and handed them a piece of candy. There was one little boy that made me smile though, he said, “I’m Spiderman, nothing scares me.”Image

I received several positive comments on my costume, a few odd requests to touch my nose, and one lady who said she wouldn’t bother having the time, nor the effort to make such a costume. Honestly I don’t do this for me, I do this for the kids. In a way I feel like a big kid. But for two hours I pass out countless pieces of candy to kids of all ages who smile at me, saying trick or treat and thank you. Some kids don’t have a neighborhood to go trick or treating in. And some neighborhoods may not be safe for some kids. So I think this is a wonderful event that the city does that I’m happy to be a part of. Even my four year old niece and eight year old nephew passed out candy. I’m really looking forward to next year!

Halloween is in a few days!

What a busy week

This past week has been really busy as it’s nearing Halloween. I’ve had two tests in one day, followed by another test the next day at school. Not to mention we’re all sick here at home. I didn’t think I would make it to school one day. Then I didn’t think I would do well on the tests. I did well enough to pass on two of the tests. I’m still waiting to see what I made on the other one. It’s hard to study when you’re sick. It’s even harder to study or take a test when you’re medicated. I was making so many mistakes on testing day that my teacher was picking on me but in a good way. I did get a few laughs out of it myself.

I spent the last few days still trying to find a costume for my daughter. She really hasn’t grown any taller to fit any of the cute ones that I’ve seen in the 4T sizes and the ones that I saw for her size are more baby-ish than I would like so, I decided to just head over to the actual clothing area and see what I could find over there. I found a cute one piece ballerina outfit and thought, “now why couldn’t they have something like that over there in the costumes instead of pumpkin outfits or fairy’s?” She was a fairy her first Halloween. I looked at the costume, it was the same Tinkerbell fairy costume that she had for her first Halloween.

I had my costume picked out since Target started putting their Halloween things on the shelves in September. I found a Venetian masquerade bird mask that I just loved. It reminded me of the plagued death mask from that era. As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted to be for Halloween. That was easy. I also bought a black hooded cape to go along with it, the rest I’m sure I could find at home in a closet.

Tonight the City of Benton is having what they call Spook City from 6-8. They block off the city roads around city square and vendors from all around town come and set up tables, booths, rides, and food carts. Adults bring their children and walk around for two hours collecting from each of these booths. The event is free. It’s like the safest and most fun way to trick or treat, minus the crowds. This year my sister has to work at a booth. Usually she helps set the booth up then she and I take our kids around the square, later we’ll come back to the booth and help pass out candy. I’m especially excited today, as my other youngest sister will be there with her daughter as well as my parents.

Eh, what’s up Doc?

I’m currently going over my Biology notes and studying for my next test on Thursday. I’m looking at words like genes, chromosomes, DNA, mitosis, amino acids, bacteria, cancer, mutation, genetics, and so on. Almost makes me feel like I’m studying to be a doctor…I wish! In reality, I’m studying for my Associates in Arts degree and then I’m going for a Bachelor’s in History degree.

History is what I’m really interested in. So far I know about the US Civil War, Irish Civil War, and American Revolution. I also know quite a bit about American History and some about Irish and Native American History.

Biology is a fun class, but to me it’s a little hard. I love Science. I even made straight A’s in Science in High School. But now that I’m in college, it’s a little tougher. The tests are much harder to me as the instructor doesn’t lecture. I feel that I learn the easiest when I’m being taught in a class, rather than going home and printing notes off of the computer to read on our own time. We go into class and talk about the labs, then do the labs, and then when we’re done with our labs, we go home. It’s a three hour class, once a week.

Something the instructor has pointed out though, is that biology is a class for those that are going into nursing. I thought to myself, “Why the heck am I taking this class then? Oh wait, it’s because I need it in order to receive my Associates Degree.” The same goes with taking two classes of a foreign language. Oh, and another Science lab class. I honestly feel like I don’t need some of these classes for my career of choice, but they’re required. The rest of the classes I can see why it’s a requirement, like Speech class for instant. Let me just say, that first week I thought it was going to be a tough class, but it ended up being really fun, interesting, and I learned so much from it. Some of the things that I learned in Speech class I’ve actually used in other classes and I know I will use out in the real world.

But for now I’m going to learn about which genetic traits I got from my Mother and which ones I got from my Father. Or that some cancers such as Melanoma are mutations.  I’m just curious when I’m going to start dissecting stuff.

No more NyQuil for me

The change of weather also brings colds and possibly the flu. I’ve actually had the flu once in my life…thank goodness. If you’ve ever had it, you wish to never get it again. Everyone around me had started showing signs of head colds. Their constant coughing and sneezing and wiping their noses with tissues. I myself had skipped the sneezing, stuffiness, runny nose, and went straight to coughing. I didn’t have any warnings of an oncoming cold. I had coughed so much for two days that my back was hurting. When I got home I immediately laid on a heating pad. My throat felt like I took a wire brush to it.

Normally I drink tea or take vitamins or try whatever I can, med free, to get rid of my cold. The reason why I choose med free is that most cold meds that I need to take has acetaminophen in them. Well, I cannot take anything with acetaminophen in them as I take two different prescribe medications for migraines.

Last night I chose to skip my migraine meds and took a cold medicine. I needed relief and fast. I wanted to stop coughing. I went through half a bag of cough drops within a whole day. Sadly those cough drops didn’t find me any relief. So, last night I took NyQuil. I still woke up coughing during the middle of the night. I also woke up feel so drowsy from the after effects, that all I wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep the day away.

I was lucky to not have class today, though that didn’t mean I wouldn’t have homework; there’s always homework to do when you’re in college. I dropped my daughter off at daycare and came back home, only to stare at the computer screen. I found myself crawling back into bed for a few more hours of sleep.

It’s three in the afternoon and I’m still feeling the drowsy effects. It wasn’t like a drank a bottle of NyQuil because it was in pill form. It said to take two pills…this was around 8 o’clock last night when I took them. All I can think right now is ‘thank goodness it’s Friday!’ and I can catch up with the rest of my homework tomorrow.

A late night…calling?

I live in Bryant, Arkansas, a city that’s always growing. As we speak there’s construction going on in several places. A Dunkin Donuts is adding it’s finishing touches before it’s grand opening sometime this month. A small Chinese restaurant is adding an expansion to their place. Those are just to name a few that I can remember seeing on my daily commute.

Our city’s population is almost 17,000. Our school district has a population of over 9,000 kids and growing each year. This year they built a new High School and a new Elementary School.

When my grandparents moved into this house in the sixty’s it was, what they called, a bedroom community; there was nothing but houses here. There was also a lot of woodland areas. Several years had gone by and a few few fast food chains had moved into the city. Within the last fifteen years a Wal-Mart was built, followed by a Target with a Starbucks, another Starbucks in the same parking lot as the Target with a Starbucks, Best Buy, a Kohl’s, Old Navy, then any fast food place you can think of…seriously! Not to mention the many housing division that was built during this time also.

The sad thing about expansion is cutting down the trees and clearing out the woodland areas that houses the animals. There’s still a small acreage of wooded area behind my grandparents house where small animals live. I’ve come to recognize these animals that live there myself in the short time that I lived here with my grandma. Occasionally I will hear, see, or smell these animals. Yes, smell, there’s skunks living in there. I’ve heard an owl a few times late at night. I’ve heard woodpeckers many times during the day. I’ve seen tarpins (a type of turtle), rabbits, even a panther once (though I’m sure she lives elsewhere). I’ve even seen a pair of young bucks walking around my back yard; I’m sure they were passing through. There’s also a family a red foxes that lives in the woods in the backyard.

Every once and a while I will see that family of red foxes. Last night however, I heard one as it was crying or calling, whichever it’s called. It woke me up. One thing I’ve noticed as I became a mother is that I’m a light sleeper, so just about anything wakes me up. So when I heard the fox calling out last night my first reaction was that it was my daughter. It took me a few seconds to realize what it really was. I laid there listening to it crying out.

I spent part of my youth living on a farm. I miss the country, the outdoors, the fresh air, the wide open space, the animals, the trees. Just hearing that fox made me feel like I am living in the country, even though I’m not. I’ll give it another fifteen years before all the surrounded woodland areas are gone, exchanged for more houses, stores, and fast food chains.

My lil Houdini

My daughter has made a name for herself or has become well known with all the teachers at her daycare. Some of you might think ‘uh oh’. She’s honestly a good child. Very smart. Always happy. All the teachers know her as ‘the little escape artist’, so I’m told and have to pay special attention to her when on the playground.

A few weeks ago when I stopped to pick her up from daycare, her teacher told me about her little escape from her part of the playground. I thought, ‘uh oh!’ The way their playgrounds are set up is a little awkward and I can totally see this happening. The entire playground is fenced in. The only way to get into the playground is through a doorway from the building (awesome idea). Each little play area is sectioned off by a fence row, to get into that section you have to go through a gate. Well, my daughter’s playground is the first playground and all the other kids have to walk through her area to get to theirs. So, she takes this opportunity to be a part of their group, squeezing herself into their line, and follows them into their play area.

After a few minutes her teacher discovers my daughter is gone and panics! She’s calling her name and of course there’s no reply. My daughter won’t come when her name is called unless you say I have pancakes or do you want a cookie. Her magic words. Her teacher happens to look over the fence at the other playground and sees my daughter playing over there. She goes over, gets her, and brings her back over to her playground.

I’m told this happens frequently! So each time a teacher is taking over for breaks they know about her little escape tricks.

On another day, the door to her daycare room wasn’t fully closed. My daughter had walked over to the door and opened it all the way. Her teacher turned her head just in time to see my daughter dashing out the door, running full speed for the front door of the daycare. Her teacher just found out how fast my little girl can run.

Yesterday I stopped by to pick her up. We were walking down the hallway to sign out and one of the teachers, I didn’t even know, says, ‘hey, there’s the little escape artist.’ I just laughed and said, ‘actually I call her Houdini at home.’