Classic cartoons

My Grandma puts Tom and Jerry on the TV for my daughter to watch. It reminds me of when I was a few years older than she is now. I would get up around six on Saturday mornings, crawl into bed with grandpa and grandma and lay there for a few minutes. After being told to get still from Grandma several times I would get down, fix me a bowl of cereal, and turn on the Cartoon Network. When I was a kid it was Quick Draw McGraw, Bugs Bunny, Huckleberry Hound, Captain Caveman, and The Smurfs. Then I would watch Tarzan in black and white.

I’ve noticed that cartoons aren’t like they use to be and I’ve found myself having a hard time getting into majority of them. I’m tolerating SpongeBob. Dora I don’t mind as it teaches my daughter; she’s two and can count to ten because of Dora. I’m really not familiar with any other cartoons other than what I grew up with.

What I do know is that the cartoons I grew up with taught me how not to chase a road runner and that Wylie Coyote spent a lot of money buying Acme products. And also Bugs Bunny was smart for a rabbit. I sometimes felt bad for Elmer Fudd. Listening to the rolling credits as the cartoon ends makes me want to ditch homework for another hour and curl up on the couch and watch classic cartoons with my little girl.

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