Mini me and her new boyfriend

My lil miss has a boyfriend already. I stopped by her daycare to pick her up; they were outside playing. I see mini me scooping up rocks with her hands and carefully poured them out over a little boy’s head. He’s just standing there smiling, letting her do this. I watch her continue this a few more times until she noticed me standing there and then two of them comes running over to me. I’m just thinking to myself that his mom is going to be wondering why his head is so full of dirt and grit. They’re both two.

Each time I pick her up I’ve noticed the two of them playing close by one another. He always looks at me, smiles, and says hi with this cuteness that just makes you melt. I can see why my daughter likes him. Little cutie! I know my daughter has that same equal cuteness herself. She’ll wave at everyone and say, “hi, how you doin’?”

My dad asks, “what are you going to think about boyfriends when she gets older?”

“I won’t find it so cute then,” I reply. “He’ll have to take a test, fill out a long form, and hang out with me for a day doing chores. Not to mention I have time to think of some other things to add to that. Until then its still in the cute stages.”

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