Be done already

I guess I’m not quite happy with my novel as is…I simply can’t leave it alone. It’s as if it calls to me from another room and says, ‘you’re not really done with me yet.’ So I pick my manuscript up, look over the pages, and scratch sentences, words, or paragraphs over to the side, drawing arrows, pointing where I want them to go. Every day, I keep going back and adding more and more. I also edit as I go.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that I’m adding more, but how do you know when you’re official finished? I’ve completed my manuscript, or so I thought I did; twenty chapters, over 34K words. The storyline is complete; I just keep adding to the dialog, or more to the descriptions of here and there, or how the person said this or that. I’ve been told that sometimes it’s okay to have detail, and sometimes detail can be too much, and sometimes there’s just not enough detail.

With the English class that I took last semester, I know that my writing as progressed. Honestly if you’ve read my earlier work, you would notice a huge difference as well. Being a military brat is not easy. One thing a parent in the military does not realize is how moving affects a child’s education. I’ve been to twelve different schools before I graduated and was always behind. My mother thought it best to put me in special education classes, which didn’t help me out at all. In fact, it made matters worse. So, some of the college classes that I have taken have really helped me.

I dug out my notes for book two; yes there is a sequel to my novel. I was curious to see where it was going, as it had been a few years since I had last looked at it. I was also curious how much of the story I have written so far. With only four chapters I have a little over 10K words. Not bad really, though I plan to cut and add to those four chapters before I can continue on with chapter five and so on.

I glance at the calendar and see that I have a week and a half left until I start back to school. If I’m not swamped with homework maybe I can get a little writing done here and there.

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