Why I never shop on Sunday

Today reminded my why I never shop on Sundays. Since my daughter has been sick these past few days, I have been putting off grocery shopping. Today I couldn’t prolong it any further. 

I should have paid attention to the first clue, which was the near empty buggy area. I picked out my buggy and began walking towards the back, where the dairy section is located. It took me awhile to get there as I followed a crowd of people.

Next I needed to zigzag my way around the grocery side to pick out a few items here and there. All the aisles were overly crowded. Some patrons were taking their time, strolling the shelves. Kids were running around, screaming, playing tag with one another. Employees were out stocking items just as fast as the items were being cleared off of the shelves.

I finally got everything I needed, now for the fun part, standing in line. But this time, something odd happened. lanes were being cleared more quickly than usual. I just walked right up and placed my things on the belt and checked out. No standing in line. I was really impressed. Next time I have to make a grocery trip on Sunday, I’ll make sure to get the minimum amount of items. Maybe, I’ll just wait until Monday.

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