My little girl and her dump truck

My mother has been bringing over toys that my sisters and I played with when we were little, as well as some toys that my nephew had played when when he was a toddler. He will be eight in a few days. Among these toys are an assortment of cars and trucks; some hot wheels, some large plastic toy cars and trucks. But one in particular is a large plastic dump truck that is almost half the size as my daughter. Looking at it closely I believe it was part of a Lego set for toddlers.

Where other kids carry around a raggedy stuff animal, my daughter carries around this dump truck. It goes to bed with her, to the table, to the bath tub, outside to play, to the car, it never leaves her sight. I don’t mind her playing with cars and trucks as she does have a girly side; loves to have her hair put up or braided, or have her nails painted, etc. I’m sure this is a fad she’s going through and she’ll find another toy she’ll love more and the dump truck will be out with the old.

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