This is a ‘lil snippet’, as I call them, from one of the few projects I’ll be working on in the near future. It is a Fantasy novel about Angels.

I scream out into the blackness, though no one can hear me. I kick my legs through the empty air, hoping to touch something. Swinging my arms around me, I try to reach for anything, anything that may be there to grab a hold of. My skin feels as if it were on fire, burning from the inside out as my grace is draining from me. I can feel my feathers being plucked by the handfuls from my wings, as they are being stripped away. I couldn’t control what is happening to me. It couldn’t be stopped once it began.

Dizziness strikes me, as well nausea. Then finally, as if I couldn’t feel any pain that was worse than what had just happened, my wings were ripped right from the area where they are joined to my back. Absolute horror rushing through me, I try screaming out again, though nothing was coming out of me, no sound, only tears, flowing like rivers down my face. I began to feel queasy and lightheaded. I gulp for air as I try to breathe. A sharp pain begins throbbing at my forehead, making its way to the back of my skull. Suddenly my mind goes blank right before I black out.


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