I stare out into the pow wow dancing arena
As a plethora of colors go by
Each person decorated in paint
Wearing carefully handmade regalia
Dancing around
Their feet move to the beat of the drums
The drummers hit the drums in unison
Singing out in Native song
I sit still and listen carefully
I close my eyes
The beat begins to stir my soul
My feet begin to slowly move
It pulls me
My body aches to move
Soon I’m in the dancing arena
All around me my ancestors in ghost form
Wearing their regalia
I look down and I too am wearing mine
Feet move and body dance to the drums beat
The drummer’s song moves through me
Like the life force that flows through my veins
I dance as if I’ve danced it a hundred times
Though I’ve never danced before
I dance for a purpose
The creator is watching
My ancestors are with me
The drum beats are Mother Earth’s heartbeat
I can feel her spirit move inside me
I feel the vibrations of her heartbeat
As she guides me around the dancing arena
Dancing, swaying, moving
Dancing, swaying, moving
The drum stops
My eyes open
I am sitting right where I was
Before the song began


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